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CSR: Youngistaan Foundation celebrates Menstrual Hygiene Day

Youngistaan Foundation
City based NGO, Youngistaan Foundation which has been working extensively towards promoting menstrual hygiene and breaking the taboos surrounding menstruation, organized a special event observing Menstrual Hygiene Day  at Lamakaan . The event brought together individuals from all walks of life to engage in a vibrant celebration filled with storytelling, poetry, stand-up comedy, live music, theatre drama, delicious food, and an open mic session on important topics such as Periods, Menstrual Health & Hygiene, Body Positivity, and Sexual Reproduction Health.
 As part of the month-long campaign, the organization has been organising online discussions with other people working towards menstrual health.  Anyone can join the team and create awareness on breaking the period taboo and menstrual health. Aim of the campaign to reach 5 lakh lives this month alone.  The organisation has already created awareness to over 1 million lives across Telangana.
The momentous event aimed to dismantle the societal barriers and misconceptions surrounding menstruation, fostering an open and informed dialogue about menstrual health and hygiene. By organizing a diverse range of activities, Youngistaan Foundation successfully engaged participants in empowering discussions, shedding light on crucial issues that affect the well-being and dignity of menstruating individuals.
Volunteers from the Youngistaan Foundation, along with enthusiastic individuals from across the city of Hyderabad, actively participated in the celebrations.
During the event, Arun Daniel Yellamaty, the Founder and Director of the Youngistaan Foundation, stressed the importance of openly discussing menstrual hygiene, body positivity, and related taboos in today’s society. He emphasized that public gatherings like this provide a valuable platform to raise awareness among people. Artists from different parts of the city have joined forces to amplify the message and promote accurate awareness of these crucial topics. This event is part of the “Period Positivity” campaign, which is organized by Youngistaan Foundation’s Gender Program, with the goal of positively impacting the lives of 5 Lakh individuals. Over the past five years, the organization has been conducting regular sessions in schools and communities across the state, focusing on menstrual health and hygiene, as well as addressing period taboos.
The event was organized in partnership  with Menstrual Hygiene Day, MHA and TSIC as part of a month-long campaign to impact and support create sustainable impact on the lives of menstruators.
The activities conducted centred on promoting menstrual hygiene education and encouraging individuals to share their personal experiences, ideas, and artistic expressions. Storytelling sessions allowed for the sharing of narratives, highlighting the challenges faced by menstruating individuals and the importance of creating safe spaces for dialogue. Poetry recitals, stand-up comedy, and live music added a touch of creativity, while a theatre drama showcased real-life scenarios, offering insights into the daily struggles of menstruation. Furthermore, the open mic session provided a platform for individuals to voice their perspectives, concerns, and ideas, fostering a sense of community and support.
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