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CSR: ‘Mute the Noise BUT Not the Celebration’ campaign to make Diwali safer for animals

Mumbai, India: Ashwin Sheth Group (ASG), a leading name in the real estate industry, has embarked on a remarkable journey to illuminate this year’s Diwali celebrations with a campaign that resonates deeply with the values of compassion. Titled “Mute the Noise BUT Not the Celebration,” is a heartfelt initiative and a tribute to the sustainable essence of Diwali.
Ideated and conceptualized by Ashwin Sheth Group, the campaign seeks to inspire homebuyers and citizens to celebrate Diwali in a humane manner – a sustainable and safe Diwali.Diwali, the festival that ushers in light and joy,PAWS (Pet Animals Welfare Society) – Mumbai has reported that every year, hundreds of animals suffer from fear and injuries due to the noise pollution caused by firecrackers. Animal shelters witness an increase in the number of runaway and lost pets, who are scared, anxious, nervous, and often burnt.
In a world where we light up our homes, indulge in shopping, cherish traditions, and set off fireworks to mark the occasion, it’s easy to forget that our pets also have their unique way of celebrating. For them, the essence of this festive season lies in one simple expectation – kindness and compassion.
This Diwali, Ashwin Sheth Group urges citizens to create homes where celebrations are marked by empathy and consideration. With a pledge of #LifeByChoice, the campaign conveys that while celebrating a noise-free Diwali is a choice, it’s equally vital to celebrate it with care and kindness, especially towards our beloved pets.
Mr Bhavik Bhandari, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO) at Ashwin Sheth Group, shares his thoughts on the campaign, “Diwali is a time for joy and togetherness. With ‘Mute the Noise and Not the Celebration,’ we aim to extend this spirit of festivities and togetherness to include our beloved pets and the environment. We want to create a space where celebrations are marked by kindness and consideration, making this festive season truly DILwali. This campaign accentuates ASG’s commitment to nurturing a compassionate and inclusive society, upholding the values of love and care.We all can embrace the role of change-makers to create a significant transformation in society”.
This campaign echoes Ashwin Sheth Group’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility and the fostering of a harmonious Diwali. It transforms the festival into a celebration of compassion for all living beings, illuminating the path towards a brighter and more inclusive world.
This Diwali, join Ashwin Sheth Group in making a conscious choice to ‘Mute the Noise, Not the Celebration,’ where homes are adorned with kindness and compassion for all living beings. Let us embark on a journey towards a Diwali that truly resonates with the spirit of love, care, and inclusion. Together, we can make a profound impact and create a festival that brings joy not only to our homes but also to the hearts of those who cannot speak but feel the echoes of our compassion.
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