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CSR: Air Pollution Damaging Cognitive Performance

According to the World Health Organisation, about seven million people die every year due to air pollution. In 2016, air pollution accounted for 4.2...
Stubble Burning degrading Air Quality

Alternate Solutions To Improve Air Quality

Air pollution is at an all time rise in India because of industrialisation and urbanisation in lieu of national development. Especially in Northern India,...
Mumbai Vehicles Density

CSR: Carpool, Public Transport For Healthy Commute

Mumbai’s vehicle population is booming explosively over the last decade. According to the motor vehicles statistics, it had taken about 2 decades for the...

Collective Efforts Needed To Address Air Quality In Gurugram

The government’s efforts to control air pollution got a shot in the arm with the installation of four Air Quality Monitors across four locations...

The Smokeless Cookstove Revolution

The Smokeless Cookstove Revolution Saving 1 million lives by eliminating smoke from households! Smokeless Cookstove Revolution (SCR) is excited to announce that they launched a Crowd Funding campaign today. The funds raised will go towards supporting the project for the coming months while they set up the legal structures required to receive grants from Foundations who are looking to fund exactly this kind of life changing initiative.

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