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Citizen Social Responsibility: Mumbai Flower-Seller Act of Alerting the Motorists of Open Manhole

Mumbaikars have been known for their never-give-up spirit and their selfless generous acts of kindness. The population that has left behind their homes to fulfil their dreams are able to relate to distress and struggle making them empathetic to fellow humans. This is why, every now and then, stories of mumbaikars helping each other out by looking out for one another come to light. Such is the story of Kanta Murti Kallar.
Kallar is a 50-year-old flower vendor who lives in Matunga west. She is the sole bread-winner of the family of five as her husband is paralysed after a train accident. She supports the education of her three children from her earnings. The family lives on pavements in Matunga.
Heavy rainfall in Mumbai was a cause of worry for Kallar as water level kept rising by her accommodation. After she saw some of the parked bikes floating away in the water, she got alarmed and decided to open the manhole to drain access water from the road. However, realizing the dangers of accidents and injuries or deaths, Kallar stood by the manhole for nearly 7 hours in a week to alert the motorists and other vehicles about the open manhole.

Kallar was later rebuked by the BMC for opening the manhole even as her house suffered from rain damage. She even lost some 10,000 rupees that she had saved for the children’s education.
However, despite this, Kallar had a strong sense of Citizen Social Responsibility, as by alerting the passer-bys about the open manhole she prevented hundreds of accidents, damage and loss of life. Her efforts are not only applauded by those she alerted but by entire country.
Taking their own Citizen Social Responsibility in account, Indians have donated more than 1.5 lakh rupees to Kanta Murti Kallar to support the education of her children and to repair the damages to her house. Such inspiring stories highlight the difference each individual can make in lives of others by only realizing their responsibility as citizens of India and more importantly, as humans.