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Campus to Corporate Careers Initiative by TNS India Foundation

TNS India Foundation has developed a Campus to Corporate Careers Program, which aims to usher under-resourced college-going youth into the formal workforce. The program works on up-skilling the youth in 21st-century advanced technical, digital, and industrial skills, thereby unlocking their economic potential.
The Project is aimed at empowering under-resourced young Indians, enabling them to reach their economic potential and pull their families out of poverty. The organisation believes that if the job readiness of youth is strengthened by –
– Enhancing their digital/technical and 21st-century skills,
– Developing student orientation toward corporate careers,
– Supporting youth in entering and remaining in high-potential corporate careers,
then disadvantaged youth will substantially increase their family incomes, lifting them out of poverty within three to five years.
The project, initiated in 2015, diversifies into three learning pathways: Campus to Digital Careers (C2DC) program, Campus to Technical Careers (C2TC) program and Campus to Industrial Careers (C2IC) program.
1. Campus to Digital Careers (C2DC) program: Upskilling disadvantaged youth from non-technical streams (B.Sc, MSc, B.com, BMS, BBA, BBI, BAF, BAFI) to build careers in the BFSI/BPO/KPO/Support service sectors.
2. Campus to Technical Careers (C2TC) program: Upskilling disadvantaged youth from technical streams (B.Sc, B. Tech, Mathematics, BE, MCA) to build technical careers in the IT/ITeS sector.
3. Campus to Industrial Careers (C2IC) program: Upskilling NEET (not in education, employment or training) individuals enrolled in ITIs (trades like COPA, stenography, sewing etc.) to build industrial careers.
Each of these learning pathways include the three key components:
1. Career Readiness – Strengthening the job readiness of youth by enhancing digital skills/advanced technical skills and 21st century skills
– TNSIF’s ‘Career Bridge’ is a blended activity-based (online and offline) training program which equips college students with 21st-century life skills, including digital literacy, advanced technical skills, financial literacy, job readiness and aptitude training.
2. Career Counselling – Developing student orientation towards corporate careers through career counselling
– Participating youth undergo employability baseline assessment tests to map their current skills, workplace competencies and personality traits. 
– Assessment results provide them with a detailed analysis of their job readiness and enable a more targeted job search. 
– The program provides all students with one-on-one career counselling, helping them make appropriate career choices and cope effectively with personal and professional pressures. 
3. Career Access – Supporting youth to enter high-potential corporate careers
– Career Fests and company-specific placement drives are organised for large-scale placements at college campuses. These large-scale events, modelled on top-tier business schools, give students the opportunity to interview with their top five best-fit companies.
– The program has established partnerships with over 100+ reputed corporates, which typically attend these Career Fests, and has successfully placed the trained youth in a variety of roles. 
– Over 80% of the youth placed through the program have cited C2C’s training and support as key factors in securing a job.
– Each student is provided with 4 interview opportunities for placement and follow-up support and guidance after program completion. 
This Campus to Corporate program has been implemented across 7 states in cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Puducherry, Chennai, Nashik, and Akola. The beneficiaries of the program are young people, generally children of migrant labourers or daily wage workers. As these families depend on daily wages, small-scale businesses, and informal employment to meet basic needs, they are at the mercy of income uncertainties and have been among the most severely impacted by the pandemic. 

Impact of the program

The program has achieved the following milestones:
– C2C program has been able to build partnerships with 70+ corporations for beneficiary recruitment.
– C2C program has partnered with over 120 colleges to conduct beneficiary training.
– Trained approximately 24,000 students since 2015. 
– This program has an approximately 70% female participation rate.

Support the project

To know more about the project, reach out to the TNS India team at:
Email – info@tnsif.org,
or call – 02228501624/022-28501625
or visit – https://tnsindiafoundation.org 
To make a financial contribution to the cause, transfer the amount to: 
Account Holder: TNS India Foundation 
Account number:  05428630000338
IFSC Code: HDFC0000542
Account Type: Current Account 
(please note, foreign donations are not accepted)