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5 creative campaigns to encourage use of face masks

Many of our everyday fashion needs that we take for granted were once rooted in utility; ripped jeans, for example. With Covid-19 spreading faster, wearing face masks is becoming compulsory in public spaces to avoid transmission of SARS-Cov-2. Here are 5 brands creatively encouraging Indian citizens to wear protective masks:

1. Vistaprint India

While wearing masks has been made compulsory in public places for keeping ourselves safe and healthy, Vistaprint India (an e-commerce platform for custom printing services) has started a fun contest #Makeyourmaskcontest on social media to encourage individuals to wear masks.
Since wearing a mask is now mandatory, it’s great to personalize them and wear your identity or communicate a message. The brand has launched personalised masks on their website which support images and text and easy-to-design in simple steps. Not only are these masks washable but also reusable.

2. Skinella

mask - skinella
Some folks are alarmingly avoiding masks because they find them uncomfortable. To encourage a positive attitude towards cultivating this habit, beauty brand Skinella has rolled out a ‘Best Face Mask This Season’ campaign on social media. The brand is calling on its community members and influencers to upload their selfies wearing a mask, within its customized frame, as their display pictures on social media.

3. Coal India

Mask - Coal IndiaCoal India is sharing socially important information in an appealing way to encourage more people to use a face mask to stay safe and healthy. Their company logo now has a face mask on it. The new logo is an effort to portray the importance of face masks and its relentless fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Designer Anita Dongre

mask- Anita Dongre
Production of face masks at a community tailoring unit run by designer Anita Dongre
Renowned fashion designer Anita Dongre has started a community tailoring initiative to make protective masks to meet the shortage for protective gear. Two dozen female employees from community tailoring units in Charoti and Dhanevari (Maharashtra) are stitching protective non-surgical masks for distributing to NGOs, village residents and hospitals. They keep all social distancing norms and hygiene measures in mind during production.

5. Vivo India

In their digital campaign, the brand created a short film by sourcing and leveraging real life images and stock footage. The film showcases the efforts and resilience of healthcare professionals. As part of their CSR initiative, the company has donated over two lakh surgical and N95 masks to support these heroes.
Watch the inspiring video below: