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road safety of children

CSR: Road safety of children

In a country where a life is lost every four minutes in a road accident, inculcating sensible road behaviour in school children is necessary to make them responsible citizens. To address the issue of road safety of children at the formative ages, workshops were initiated by the employees of ICICI Lombard who were engaged as...
CSR projections

CSR in 2019: Thematic areas to stay tuned for

2019 will be a promising year of impact. Reporting, branding and market feedback are all aligning to support a higher level of CSR activity than ever before. Pay attention to how companies are gearing up to ride these waves and engage with thoughtful CSR campaigns. Of course, aligning strategy with the SDGs is one major...
View of Khajuraho temple from outside

CSR in 2019: Corporates could be compelled to adopt heritage sites

The Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism, and Culture has recommended that under CSR, major corporates may be ‘compelled’ to adopt heritage sites for their upkeep. It said that if proper values regarding the indigenous people and environment are followed and road and rail network is put in place, the industry may grow in a...
solar energy

CSR: Indo-Swiss connection in renewable energy

Children can’t study after dark, women have to depend on traditional cooking methods that increase their drudgery etc… Without energy, sectors like agriculture, health, education and even women empowerment are likely to get hampered. Clean energy interventions in CSR, by being more productive and cost-effective solve most of these problems. The key is to ensure...
2018 recap

2018 recap of top highlights in CSR

2018 was quite eventful with regard to corporate social responsibility. Here is a lookback at major events in this domain. January 2018 The corporate affairs ministry gives permission for penal action against 196 companies for violating corporate social responsibility norms in 2014-15 fiscal, according to union minister P P Chaudhary. Tata Sons’ flagship firms had started collaborating...
CSR survey

Companies in India spent 75.36 billion rupees on CSR this year

Companies in India spent INR 75.36 billion on corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in 2017-18, a 47% rise compared to 2014-15, says a survey. "This is a significant rise, clearly demonstrating higher expenditure towards CSR activities from the mandated year, 2014," said the KPMG India CSR Reporting Survey 2018. The cumulative expenditure by top 100...
CSR trends for 2019

Top CSR trends and projections for 2019

It has been quite an eventful year in the corporate social responsibility domain. So active was this field that a High Level Committee on CSR 2018 has been re-constituted under the chairmanship of Injeti Srinivas, Secretary, MCA to review the existing framework and guide and formulate the roadmap for a coherent policy on CSR. The...
Christmas tree

CSR: The true spirit of Christmas

You may feel that Christmas is a license to eat and drink too much, and yet the idea of transcending ordinary limits has been part of solstice celebrations for hundreds of years. You don’t have to go to literal extremes, but you can stretch your personal rules, based on the idea of days or...

CSR: Party responsibly and sustainably

New Year’s Eve has the highest incidents of road accidents, drunk driving, and underage drinking. There are also numerous incidents of vandalism and molestation. Christmas parties have been stripped of their religious significance and have been converted into an excuse for gluttony and hedonism. This tendency often comes at great personal cost: personal safety...
new age companies

New-age companies are bringing structural change to CSR

There are about 3.1 million NGOs in India – of which around 1.2 million are operational – there is little verifiable data available to make an accurate assessment of the sector. Companies like Impactify and Samhita are bringing a shift in the mindset among corporates by making them understand that they need to be involved in...
trash can

CSR: 7 recos to reduce food wastage on a large scale

The production of food that will not be consumed needlessly uses up natural resources, generates greenhouse gas emissions, and creates waste. Here’s what can be done for large-scale impact on food loss. 1. Common definitions and metrics The absence of a shared definition of food loss and waste is, however, a significant limitation on the possibility...
Dr Rajeev Boudhankar

Healthcare as CSR lends a ‘soft’ image to corporates: Dr Rajeev Boudhankar, CEO, Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai

CSR by large private hospitals is probably not as documented compared to their manufacturing and tech counterparts. CSR initiatives by these hospitals can be broadly classified into four buckets: rural healthcare, awareness campaigns, disaster-relief campaigns, and education. Even then, many don’t have clearly articulated CSR policies. The rise of chronic diseases, which is the biggest...

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