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3 Green Jobs for Generation Z

A green economy and green mobility will drive the post-Covid world. So, it’s safe to say that “green jobs” which contribute to this transition will only become more lucrative in coming years.
Green jobs have already started making an appearance in the form of urban farmers who are experimenting with vertical farms and gardens in commercial and residential buildings. Millennials are switching to low-carbon lifestyles and second careers but it will be Generation Zers who will really proliferate the green workforce.
Here are 3 exciting green jobs for Generation Z in the near future.

1. Sustainability consulting

You don’t have to be an engineer to have a career in sustainability and innovation. If you have a solution-oriented bent of mind, business acumen and enjoy project management, you could become a sustainability consultant. In short, this role is about being an expert in lowering a company’s carbon footprint. You will be working closely with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ESG (environmental and social governance) teams.
Your job will include making an environmental impact assessment and guiding the organisation in responsible business practices that include water management and lowering energy consumption. On a bigger scale, sustainability consultants are working with governments on urban planning with a keen eye on the environment.

2. Environmental scientist

Career and job search specialists The Balance predict an 8% growth in openings for environmental scientists in this decade. Environmental scientists will be in demand because climate change is here to stay. Governments are shuddering with the scope of impact, city slickers are going vegan while companies are scrambling to put ESG reports together.
Scientists who can accurately predict natural calamities like earthquakes and cyclones, and those who can record the statistics for problem-solving will be important if we want to live on a healthy planet. One Gen Z environmental scientist who is already in the headlines is Gitanjali Rao, Time Magazine Kid of the Year 2020. She has developed an app-based device that detects lead poisoning in water.

3. Green creative

Fashion, home decor, art and footwear are all moving towards sustainability. Creative professionals are in a unique position to push the boundaries of what’s possible and inspire change in their respective industries.
As a green creative, you could work in the field of eco-architecture for example, designing buildings that have as minimal an impact as possible on the environment. That could mean, instead of clearing land to create new buildings, working in tandem with the habitats that already exist, using sustainable materials, and the most efficient energy usage.