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Denims Are Ecologically Expensive

Denims are the fastest growing fashion trend over the years. It has been accepted by every generation as comfortable and modest clothing that is also stylish to carry. It has been a topic of some protests against the Indian conservative society who disapproved of females wearing jeans. And since then, women wearing jeans has...
World Sustainability Day

Sustainability – Path From Waste To Alternate Energy

“We would need 4.6 earths to survive if an average person continues to live the way they do right now. But we have only one earth,” said Stephen Szcus, a Canadian environmentalist, sustainability expert and the founder of Sustainable Joes – an organization that provides sustainable solutions for day to day lives. The ecology of...

Food Wastage In India

According to a report by the World Resources Institute (WRI) in association with the Rockefeller Foundation and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the UN, approximately one-third of the food that is produced each year goes uneaten, which amounts to 1.3 billion tones costing the global economy over $940 billion. Significant amounts of food...
Police Officers of India

Supporting The Police Department

A traffic police cop slapped a civilian. A Police officer was found sleeping during his working hours. It is better to stay away from the police in India because the cops are really rude and mean. These are some of the common statements that we hear about the police in India. However, we fail...
Help Stray Animals

Love Thy Neighbors, Even Animals

Shakespeare said, ‘Love thy neighbors’. That is exactly what Mrs Jayshree Thakkar and her family does. A family of four living in Thane, are very hospitable to all their neighbors including the stray animals living around them. “Our kids are not scared of animals. In fact there have been times when we have stopped the car...
Air Plane Emissions

Travel Responsibly, Reduce Carbon Footprints

To travel or not to travel, that is the question. In the last decade, traveling has become more accessible. Hence, the travel market has expanded drastically. With globalization, affordable air travel and technological development in the industry, travel aspirations have raised in people. And it is not just business travel that has increased in frequency,...
Health Insurance

Perks For Maids

Charity begins at home. A Mumbaikar has taken this proverb in its literal sense. An Andheri resident has provided his house help with various perks, including health insurance coverage for her and her child. “My maid is a hard working lady. She is the sole bread-winner in her family. She works to provide her child with...
You are the change makers

Sharmaji Ka Beta – Individual Change Makers

Sharmaji ka beta is happy with the way the things are progressing with all the initiatives that he started. He saw the positive change in his surroundings, feeling better that he played a role to make those changes happen. Sharma realized that all the changes that happened were mainly because the individuals were responsive towards...

Raddiconnect To Swachh Sustainable Solutions

“Raddiconnect. That’s what we are called”, said Rahul Nainani, the co-founder of Raddiconnect. “But the name does not justify our work considering what we have evolved our business into.” Raddiconnect with its parent brand Swachh Sustainable Solutions are in the waste management industry, providing decentralized and centralized, dry and wet waste solutions, to their customers. Nainani...
Do not use flowers on Valentine's Day

Love Sustain-ably This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is marked as the day of love. While we find ways to show our love to our special someone on this day, why do we disregard to love our environment, without which we would cease to exist? Freshly cut flowers are a default when it comes to V- Day gifts. But the damage...
Washroom Rights

Sharmaji Ka Beta – LGBTQ Rights

Sharmaji ka beta supports equal rights for the LGBTQ community. He believes that one should not be treated differently for their unconventional lifestyle choices. Hence, Sharma in his department at office, uses his influence to make sure that everyone gets a fair opportunity professionally irrespective of their orientation. Once, Sharma was going to the washroom, when he...

Mumbai – A City Of Nice People

Being Nice doesn’t cost a lot. Nor does it take a lot of effort. This is a lesson one can learn from Mumbai. Mumbai, known as the city of dreams, is where people from all over the country come to find success, work and acceptance. There are so many immigrants here, settled from so long...

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