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Agriculture and Water Pollution

CSR: Agriculture and Water Pollution

“Some of the major issues of the world can be tackled by inclusive farming,” said Manoj Solanki, Farmer at ‘Chintan Farms’, Shri Ram Krushna Trust. Agriculture is connected to every aspect of life. This is because it is in the centre of nature’s life and the food cycle. Too much unnatural interference in it disturbs...

CSR: The Nature’s Ecosystem in Agriculture

Agriculture was the highest contributor to India’s GDP for the longest time. In India, agriculture was viewed as the most prestigious profession followed by trading/business and service, before the British Raj according to the historical texts. With the majority of people practising agriculture, there was no need of importing food products in the country. British...

CSR: Four ways to support Sustainability Conscious Restaurants

India houses the largest number of malnourished children in the world. Despite this, 40% of food produced in the country is wasted. Food waste is a huge problem in the country. Restaurant industry plays a significant role in it. There are several restaurants taking various measures to reduce waste. However, some of these efforts...
gender diversity

CSR: Gender Diversity can be Productive in Business

Gender Diversity in the business world makes a company more productive, as measured by market value and revenue, according to research conducted by Harvard Business Review. In a study of 1069 leading firms across 35 countries and 24 industries, it was found that countries and industries that view gender diversity as important, capture benefits...
cycles in India

CSR: Zomato Introduces Cycles in Food Delivery

Cycling has gathered a lot of attention in India in recent years. Cycling tours, cycling activities, fundraising cyclothons, occupy a lot of city events page of major newspapers of megacities of the country. The benefit to the environment as well as health is the attraction for using and encouraging the use of cycles. Seeing an...
Pharma Companies

CSR: Ethical Dilemma of Pharma Companies

In today’s world, where CSR and corporate ethics is gaining a lot of importance, a company is expected to follow certain ethical standards in order to sustain. The marketers insist on placing the benefit to the consumers first to ensure maximum satisfaction and hence, retain the customers. However, despite the people seeking ethically responsible...
cyber security

CSR: India is Among least Cyber-Secure Countries

Digitally, India is growing at a tremendous speed. Easier accessibility and faster supportability have made it highly acceptable in every sector. The government is also promoting and encouraging more digital transactions in order to bring more transparency. This makes the country more vulnerable to cyber threats. According to a tech review firm Comparitech, India is...
Time zone

CSR: Single Time Zone in India causing hinderance in National Development

Poverty and Education are two issues that India is struggling with for decades. Many reasons have been listed for causing these problems in the country, including overpopulation, lack of awareness, gender inequality, corruption, and many more. However, new research suggests that a single time zone in the entire country also plays a role in...
food industry

Why choosing Organic Food is not enough to bring Sustainability in Food Industry

Health concerns over additional preservatives in food and concerns over how food is being produced has made the organic food industry very popular. In fact, according to a report by Zion Market Research titled “Organic Food and Beverage Market: Global Industry Perspective” global organic food and beverages market was valued at approximately USD 124.76 billion in...
Nagas of Nagaland

CSR: Responsible Behaviour by Tribals of Nagaland

Festivals in India are an excuse for people to throw caution to the wind and cause air, soil, water, light and noise pollution with an excuse of celebration. Since the festivals have religious significance in the country, it becomes difficult to convince people to avoid the celebratory rituals that cause pollution. Because of this,...

CSR: Interim Budget 2019 Reactions from Leaders of India Inc.

Union Finance Minister Piyush Goyal presented the interim budget of 2019, last Friday. The middle-class segment of India had a lot of expectations from this budget since it was the last budget before elections. The middle-class segment was surely happy with the tax rebate on an income of 5 lakhs. However, India Inc is...
Air Pollution - PUC

CSR: Mandatory PUC certificate for Vehicle Insurance

India is facing a crisis in terms of air pollution. More than half of the top 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India. In order to control the situation, Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate was made mandatory by the government of India under the Central Motor Vehicle Rule 1989. However, the...

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