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air pollution

CSR: Air Pollution Statistics of India

India is facing a major pollution crisis. 14 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India. This has caused it to hold the burden of the highest pollution related mortality rate and disease. According to a report by the World Health Organisation, there were about 60,987 deaths of children under...

CSR: India To Ban Crypto-Currencies

India is going through a digital revolution. Where on one hand the government is encouraging the use of digital in majority of sectors, it is placing a ban on crypto-currencies which is creating a havoc in the industry. According to the official release by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) of the government of India, the...
online banking

CSR: Beware Of Online Banking Scams

More than billion mobile phone users and half a billion internet users make India the second largest country in terms of number of people connected to a telecom network and internet. India is in the middle of a digital revolution where more and more transactions are moving from offline to online. This revolution does...
organic farming

CSR: Organic Farming, A Sustainable Practice

The global population is growing rapidly causing a rise in demand for sustainable food production. The unsustainable farm practices certainly produce higher yields. This is why conventional farming is more popular than organic farming. But they also put additional pressure on global resources such as soil and water. Critics of organic farming argue that it...
IoT in healthcare

IoT In Healthcare

India has less than 5 doctors per 10,000 people. India has the second largest number of phones in the world. There is a clear link here that will help us bridge the gap. The answer is IoT. Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of connected physical objects that are accessible through the internet. The...
Sexism in AI

CSR: Sexism in Artificial Intelligence

Sexism has been a huge hurdle holding us back from progress, equality, unity and peace. It is hampering the world to reach its ideal potential. And hence, it is necessary to fight it, with more development and progress. However, what can be done if the said progress is perpetuating same values that we are trying...

CSR: What Is Consent? #MeToo

Consent is a highly misunderstood concept in India. With the #MeToo movement taking the country by the storm, there are men who are completely clueless as to which of their actions would be considered sexual harassment. We help you understand what is consent and what is not. What is Consent? There are four levels of consent. ...
Homeless in India

CSR: The Homeless In India

Every Indian must have a house by 2022. That is the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. People living on footpaths is a common sight in most metro cities. According to the government’s definition, homeless or houseless people are those who live in “the open or roadside, pavements, inhume-pipes, under flyovers and staircases, or...
fake jobs alert

CSR: Corporate Actions Against Fake Jobs

Digitisation in recruitment has spread out the fake job racket dramatically. With job scammers using big brand names to lure the vulnerable job seeker, corporate entities have taken up the responsibility to spread awareness. The brands have taken measures to ensure that job aspirants are easily able to differentiate fake jobs from real ones...
job scam alert

CSR: 5 Ways To Detect A Fake Job

Job scams were not so common in India before the digital revolution. Job postings used to appear in the newspaper's classifieds section, which was pricey enough to hold off the scammers. However now, with easy accessibility to the internet, it has become easier for scammers to collect information about unsuspecting individuals and use it...
job scammers

CSR: Job Scammers At Work

In India, approximately 12 million people enter the workforce annually. The economy though has not created enough jobs to accommodate all of these people. This has made the jobseekers vulnerable, leaving way too much power with the employment providers. The employment gap in the market has given space to fake job scammers to execute...
online shopping scams

CSR: Four Steps To Avoid Online Shopping Scams

In the world where everyone wants everything at the click of a button, online shopping has become a daily exercise. Big retail websites like Amazon, and Flipkart have actually become bigger than most of the physical retail stores. However, this has also caused a rise in the incidents of online shopping scams. According to...

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Big data

CSR in the Era of Big Data

IoT in healthcare

IoT In Healthcare

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