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FSSAI Mandate for Food Brands

FSSAI Mandates Brands To Stop Using Misleading Words in Advertising Food Products

Pure, organic, fresh, natural, authentic are some of the words that the FMCG industry commonly use to describe their products. These words which play a huge role in misleading the customers have found a permanent place in the marketing campaigns of these products. Not only are these words untrue, but are also deceiving to...
Emissions - Global Warming

CSR: Areas to Focus on to Combat Global Warming

Climate change is a rising concern for all the people across the globe. This has called upon bolder climate actions by governments, businesses and investors. In fact, people have become conscious of the choice of the products they use based on their sustainability in its production and post usage phase. While the current pace and...
Air Pollution Delhi

CSR: Air Pollution Shortened Lifespan of an Indian Child by 30 Months

Air Pollution levels have been disturbingly high in India over the last few years. In fact, the majority of the top 20 cities with most polluted air are in India. This high level of pollution has shortened the life span of a child in India by 30 months, according to a report published by...
Toxic Masculinity

CSR: Effective Movement Addressing Toxic Masculinity

Masculinity has been often portrayed with sexism, violence and aggression. This flawed image of what it is to be a man has been circulating in major ad films and short films across the world. Most of the male grooming brands feature conventionally attractive men dressed in fancy clothes who get away with sexist or...
perchlorate contaminating food

CSR: How can India Inc Help in Reducing Perchlorate Contamination

Perchlorate contamination is slowly and gradually taking over all the food and water we consume. Whether or not we are aware of it, we have consumed perchlorate in food or beverages we consume. Perchlorate is a chemical used in plastic packaging and food handling equipment for dry food like cereal, flour, and spices to...
Food Waste in Restaurants

AI to Reduce Food Waste

Food waste is a global issue that poses a plethora of challenges at humanitarian, environmental and economic levels. However, the threat that it actually poses is often overlooked or underrated. The people working in the hospitality industry witness a large amount of food that gets wasted each day by the hotels alone. While the...
Dwij Denim Bags

CSR: Up-Cycling the Denim Waste

Denim is the fastest growing fashion trend in the world. The durability and comfort of the material have made it extremely popular. However, with fashion becoming so disposable, the life span of a clothing item has reduced drastically. Considering the fact that a huge amount of water goes into making a denim fabric, disposing...
Video Game - Sea of Solitude

CSR: Video Games for Mental Health

According to a report by the World Health Organisation, there are about 56 million people suffering from depression and 38 million people suffering from anxiety disorders in India. Despite such a huge number of people suffering from mental illnesses, the issue is not addressed very well in the country. With rising awareness about the issue,...
Energy Emissions

CSR: Rise in India’s Carbon Emissions

India has been responsible for 2,299 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2018, according to a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA). This is a significant rise of 4.8% as compared to the previous year. The report has stated that India’s emissions growth this year was higher than that of the US...
Woman at work

CSR: Rebalancing the Gender Roles for Work

Including more women in the workforce has been a priority in every nation of the world to fight against gender bias. In order to achieve this, several schemes have been introduced to encourage more women to pursue a career. However, the bias continues to persist after a number of efforts by various organisations. Women are...
TB Bacteria

Isolate TB, Not the Patients

Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious infectious bacterial disease that majorly affects the lungs. It is propagated when an infected person coughs or sneezes. There are no immediate symptoms of this disease which makes it difficult to catch it before it gets too late. However, it has the potential to turn fatal very often. The nature...
Mining Machine

CSR: Women in the Mining Industry

India has been participating in empowering women in every sector. However, the Mining Industry is still lacking way behind. Mining as an industry has always been male-dominated in every country. In fact, up until 29th January 2019, according to the Mines Act 1952, employment of women in any part of a mine which is...

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