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CSR: Interim Budget 2019 Reactions from Leaders of India Inc.

Union Finance Minister Piyush Goyal presented the interim budget of 2019, last Friday. The middle-class segment of India had a lot of expectations from this budget since it was the last budget before elections. The middle-class segment was surely happy with the tax rebate on an income of 5 lakhs. However, India Inc is...
Air Pollution - PUC

CSR: Mandatory PUC certificate for Vehicle Insurance

India is facing a crisis in terms of air pollution. More than half of the top 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India. In order to control the situation, Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate was made mandatory by the government of India under the Central Motor Vehicle Rule 1989. However, the...

CSR: Not So Smart Smartphones

Smartphones have taken up our lives by a storm. Be it for business, relationships, transportation, or healthcare, we will face a handicap without these devices. India is one of the largest smartphone users in the world. With the rise of the digital revolution, AI, and an increasing number of apps, the demand for smartphones...
Mobile Creches

CSR: Effective Childcare to Disrupt the Poverty Cycle

With growing urbanization in the country, more and more people are moving to larger cities to seek jobs and make a better life for themselves. The cities, ill-prepared for the surge in population is doing its best to accommodate all the migrants by expansion. This has caused a lot more construction projects to line...
Global warming- Rise in 1.5 degree warming

CSR: Why half a degree rise in Global Warming matters

The earth has warmed by more than a degree Celsius since the 19th century. While this may sound an insignificant rise of temperature, it can cause magnanimous changes in the living conditions. A United Nations (UN) report has listed consequences of temperatures rise difference from 1.5 to 2 degree Celsius. Status of Arctic summer sea...
human trafficking

CSR: Hospitality Industry Fighting Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a hidden crime, where a person is acquired in an improper method by force, threat or deception. UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has defined human trafficking as, “Trafficking in persons shall mean the recruitment, trans­portation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of...
environment sustainability and women empowerment

CSR: Empowering Women for Environmental Sustainability

Gender bias is ingrained globally in the cultures, economies, political and social institutions. Women are subject to prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination and abuse, causing them to not meet their potential in the process of decision making in society. This inequality raises a lot of moral questions. However, it also pushes the goal of achieving environmental...
green investment

CSR: Increase in Socially Responsible Investment

The world is becoming more socially and environmentally conscious. The people are willing to make some changes in the way they live, travel and invest, to reduce the damage they cause to the environment or society. This shift was observed profoundly in 2007 when the European Investment Bank issued its first green bond, a...

CSR: Wildlife Conservation Efforts by Amazon India

Animal cruelty is a neglected topic in the world. Every human being has caused harm to animals directly or indirectly. If not for food, then for fashion, cosmetics or medicines, we have used products that have been prepared by killing, harming or testing on the animals. During such hard times for wildlife, Amazon India...
stubble burning

CSR: Eco-Friendly Alternative to Stubble Burning

Stubble burning is a norm among farmers in northern India. The practice includes intentional burning of the straw stubble remains of the crop after it is harvested. However, this activity was causing extreme pollution in the environment. In fact, in October 2018, stubble burning in Punjab was responsible for 32% of the pollution in...
AI technology

How AI can transform CSR

CSR is gaining more and more importance in the business world. The companies with a good CSR strategy in place have a distinct competitive advantage. Consumers prefer products and services by socially responsible organisations even at a higher price. The companies have started to have CSR budgets to leverage this trend. However, many times...
Digital Agriculture in India

CSR: 7 Agriculture Apps to Support Digital Farming

India is going digital in every sector at a remarkable speed. The launch of ‘Digital India’ by the government has ensured that the process is accelerated. Considering the fact that the livelihoods of 58% of rural households still rely on agriculture, it was only a matter of time before agriculture too became digital. In 2015,...

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