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Collecting vaporised water.

CSR: Producing Water From Thin Air

Global warming and climate change has taken up the world by the storm. Floods, droughts and hurricanes have increased in different parts of India in last few years. Droughts in particular have been significantly high in many states, causing extreme water scarcity. This has also resulted in may farmer suicides. According to a study,...
Cyclothon to fight income inequality

CSR: Reducing The Income Gap

India is the sixth richest country in the world according to a report by New World Wealth, a global wealth intelligence and market research company. However, India houses largest number of people living under poverty line. Income inequality in India has risen substantially since the 1980s. According to a report by the World Inequality Lab,...
Clothes Distribution Drive by Emaar India CSR

Welfare For All For CSR

Charity begins at home. If you cannot help yourself and keep your own people happy, how will you ever keep the world happy? It will be nothing but hypocrisy. After the enactment of the CSR mandate, many corporates have associated themselves with various NGOs, or have started their own foundations as part of their CSR...
Blood Donation

CSR: Encouraging Blood Donation To Save Lives

India is currently facing blood shortage. It has about 10% less blood corresponding to its requirements. This accounts to 12 lakh blood units. The eligible blood donor population is more than 512 million people in India. However, because of ignorance, lack of knowledge about the simple process, and myths associated with it, India has...
Women's hockey India

CSR: Promoting Hockey

Cricket is the only sport that gets serious light in the country. Indian cricketers make somewhere around 2 crore rupees per annum. This is in the games. With the limelight they receive, they easily make way more than that in endorsements. However, the hockey players in India make somewhere around 15 lakh rupees per...
Home Gardening India

CSR: Gardening For Mental And Physical Health

Gardening is the new cool hobby that everyone should adapt. Plant cultivation is a necessity for existence of life. However, with rapid urbanization, the green cover of every city is reducing in size. India is second largest populated country in the world. And the population keeps growing unchecked. With growing population, the demand for resources...
Make in India Logo

Enabling Make In India For CSR

Contribution from the manufacturing sector to India's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has remained stagnated at around 16% for the past 25 years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Make in India on 25 September 2014, to curb the situation and turn India into a manufacturing hub of the world. He also introduced ZED (Zero Defect,...
Water ATM

CSR: Water ATMs For Drinking Water In villages

Availability of clean and safe water is fundamental to human existence. India houses maximum number of people in the world who do not have regular access to clean drinking water. Lack of clean water for consumption can give rise to various water borne diseases. According to a report by the United Nations, more than three...
India's first electric locomotive

CSR: India Flags Off Its First E-loco Manufacturing Facility

Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the ‘Make in India’ Madhepura Electric Locomotive Facility to the nation and remotely flagged off the country’s first all-electric locomotive from Madhepura in Bihar. Railway is responsible for generating 22 million tonnes of Carbon dioxide every year. The railways had been working towards electrifying its major routes in order to...
Assam children community development

Community Development In The North East For CSR

India is the fastest growing economy in world. Statements like these are often made these days. And they are not false. India is really developing at a great speed. But with India growing up so fast as a country, we as its citizens have to grow too. It is not really progress if only...
Child Safety

Child Safety On The CSR Agenda

It hasn’t been long since the terror of Blue Whale game had taken the teenagers and children across the globe by a storm. In India too several teenagers were victimized by the game and committed suicide. The children are the future of our nation and their safety should be the biggest concern. It does...
Development in villages in India

CSR – Adopt A Village For Overall Development

According to census 2013, about 70 per cent Indians live in villages and are poor. In order to increase the pace of development, it is important to enable access to resources to everyone which is not always there for these people living in the rural regions. Development is effective when it is simultaneous on all...

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