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Dr. Priti Adani, Chairperson, Adani Foundationvideo

CSR is embedded in our philosophy: Dr. Priti G. Adani, Chairperson, Adani Foundation

Presenting Dil Se Dil Ki Baatein with The CSR Journal. Watch editor-in-chief Amit Upadhyay in an exclusive conversation with Dr. Priti Adani at her foundation in Ahmedabad. She is the chairperson of Adani Foundation and married to business tycoon Gautam Adani (founder-chairman of multinational conglomerate Adani Group) yet is surprisingly humble and media-shy. She has...

आजादी के ७० वर्षो में भारत में महिलाएँ कितनी आजाद हुई है?

आए दिन अखबारों के पन्ने काली स्याही से भरे होते हैं, स्याही समाचारों से।कभी निर्भया की दिल दहलाने वाली दास्तान तो कभी किसी मासूम की सिसकियाँ जिसने अभी तक लड़की होने का फर्क भी जाना न था।अब हमारा समाज इन बातों का आदि सा हो गया लगता है।हमारा देश महिलाओं के खिलाफ होने वाले...

Need to Transcend from Corporate Social Responsibility to Citizen Social Responsibility: Amit Upadhyay, Editor-in-Chief, The CSR Journal

Amit Upadhyay, Editor-in-Chief, The CSR Journal addressed the audience at SWAG (Social Welfare & Growth) Awards 2016. He highlighted the need to establish every individual's sense of duty towards society and nation. Below is the complete speech text. "Banaa kar faqiron ka ham bhes Ghalib Tamaashaa-e ahl-e karam dekhte hain !!! Ghalib, may have had a lot...

Maharashtra govt to meet corporates on January 8 to discuss CSR spending

Maharashtra government is gearing up to get Corporate Social Responsibility (wp) funds spent in a more efficient way from the coming annual year. State government officials would hold a meeting with 100-120 top corporate houses on January 8, 2016 at Raj Bhavan. The meeting aims to show corporate firms certain social areas that need...

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CSR in the Era of Big Data

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IoT In Healthcare

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