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Citizen Social Responsibility (CSR): Is this the India of our dreams?

Rape Culture
India’s daughter is raped, facts are suppressed, and her family is also excluded from the right to her funeral. This is coercive and unreasonable.
I know, those of us in the News world are focused on Trump and the virus.
But this incident at Hathras in Uttar Pradesh is worth your time and answer.
One more Nirbhaya raped, raped several times. Five people, one after another raped her first, humiliated for being a Dalit in the police station, she was raped a second time, a third time by the police refusing to file a report, a fourth time by the media sensationalising the news of her body being ripped into pieces and then her dead body was raped, in the black of night. It was burnt by the corrupt system, the entire police department, the oppressively patient state government, the silent central government, the impotent opposition, and most of all, us who trampled her.
Silence encourages dictatorship as well as tyrannicality. Why do all those people who continue to speak about intolerence remain silent on this issue? Where are all the Kanganas, the Sonams, the Swaras, the Shabanas who throw poison at injustice? Which burrow has Arnab, who keeps tearing his throat and screaming at our ears hidden himself? Isn’t anyone going to add glamour to this matter?
When is our Pradhaan Sevak going to break his silence on this issue? Is there an auspicious time for him to break his silence? Or would plates be beaten to awaken him? When will the opposition responsible for bringing the dictatorial era wake up? When will the impotent, handicapped justice system pick up its crutches? When would the leaders, who like termites make our Nation hollow, realise the power of a common man?
It is not only the bowels or tongues of Nirbhaya, Priyanka or Manisha, but the people’s tongue has been cut so that the common man cannot question and challenge the brutal killing of democracy and secularism. Rivers were scratched in a way that control could be arbitrary. The vertebrae of the spine have been fractured so that the nation can’t walk on its feet, and it has to resort to the crutches of this corrupt and tyrannical system. The corpse of mankind is charred, so that Priyanka and Manisha may neither weep nor seek justice.
When a mother gives birth to a daughter, she has no idea when a vulture’s illness falls on the piece of her liver. No mother should ever witness her girl’s body being mauled. A few years ago, the government banned the procedures and devices that revealed the sex of the foetus. I urge that same should be recognized again so that daughters are destroyed in the womb itself and mothers are rescued from this unthinkable and intolerable pain and misery by giving birth to daughters. It’s high time for women to stand united and refuse to give birth to a child unless effective measures are taken for their children’s security and welfare.
I request all the Karni armies of the country, Bhima armies, Dalit armies, Rajput armies, Kshatriya armies, Hindu / Muslim / Sikh / Christian, we have fought enough in the name of caste and religion, now raise your swords for your mother, sister, daughter, who you have pledged to protect. You have lit candles several times; let us all unite to burn these man-eaters. This is not the Hindustan for which our heroes sacrificed their lives. We all have the responsibility to save India of their dreams.
Every bit of blood shed from the body of our daughters is asking us – how much? And for how long?
On one such dark night, hiding from the family, the martyr Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were killed by the British, in the guise that ‘we will always be’!
A spark of Inquilab was born from the same fire that blew the British rule. It is said that history repeats itself… will the fire of justice reignite after Hathras?

The author, Amit Upadhyay, is Editor-in-Chief of The CSR Journal

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