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Artificial Legs For Dogs

Ratna Nidhi

We have been impacting the lives of human beings for years. But, only recently, has a charitable trust by the name of Ratna Nidhi gone a step further. They have expanded our reach to animals. They now provide the same high quality and efficient treatment of physical disabilities they have been doling out to people to the world’s most beloved animal: the dog.

Ratna Nidhi is a registered charity that was established over 24 years ago by Mahendra Mehta. It was set up in order to tackle the problems of poverty in Mumbai, especially amongst young children. From its humble origins as a family institution it has grown rapidly, and now its projects cover a wide range of activities located in both India and other developing countries, including Afghanistan, Sudan, Kenya and Burundi. Their mission rests upon the simple, universal principle that full mobility is a right, not a privilege.

So we encourage you—implore you—that if you have a dog in need, please connect. Bring your dog to a Ratna Nidhi clinic, where they can help fit her with a new limb. No longer will we stand idle while countless dogs suffer and struggle to continue leading healthy lives.

To know more and contribute to the project, mail us at editor@thecsrjournal.in