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CSR & You: Empower Rural Women, Save the Planet


Project by: Eco Femme

The CSR Journal aims to create genuine impact in CSR & Sustainability in India by presenting the proposals of grassroots sustainable enterprises and NGOs that seek funding to keep their work growing at a steady pace and have the power to impact more communities in the future. With this in mind, we are re-introducing our  FUND MY PROJECT stories to The CSR Journal readers to read, share and support.

CATEGORY: PHILANTHROPY or Eligible CSR Activity – Schedule VII (i) Under ‘Promoting Healthcare including Preventive Healthcare’ / Schedule VII (iv) Under ‘Ensuring Environmental Sustainability & maintaining quality of Soil, Air and Water.’

Funding Required: Rs 5.6 Lacs

The Organization:

Eco Femme is a global women’s empowerment initiative. We produce cloth washable sanitary napkins as an effective, non polluting re-usable menstrual product stitched by rural women who generate a living wage. We also conduct educational awareness programs about menstrual hygiene – a poorly neglected area of women’s health – with women and girls from all levels of Indian society. We have a hybrid business model – we provide free cloth washable pads to girls from economically disadvantaged background from donations generated through international sales (in conjunction with an Educational Seminar) and market a premium range of cloth pads internationally and domestically.

The UNIQUE Concept:

Cloth washable pads are an eco friendly alternative to disposable pads which contain mostly plastic. They are effective, comfortable and sustainable. This product has proven efficacy and acceptance among rural women and provides women with a dignified and economical menstrual solution.

Number of years in operation: 3 years

THE IMPACTENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Women who use disposable menstrual products typically generate waste from about 120 disposable products a year – products that do not decompose. 1 cloth washable pad is equivalent to 100 disposable menstrual products (over a 5 year period).

SOCIAL IMPACT: 200 girls per month are educated on menstrual hygiene with the knowledge, confidence and products to manage their periods in a healthy way and to remain in school. This can expand with more staff and funding.

ECONOMIC IMPACT: 10 rural women are currently earning a living wage from stitching cloth pads.


Eco Femme seeks funding of Rs 5.6 Lacs for 1 year to be used up as follows:

  • Office Rent & Infrastructure: Rs 17,000 per month
  • Transport & Material Expenses for Educational Programs throughout Tamil Nadu: Rs 13,000 per month
  • Translating & Publishing Menstrual Hygiene Management materials into different Indian languages for dissemination across India: Rs. 2 Lacs
Eco Femme activities are audited under the Auroville foundation – commercial work under the Auroville export trust and non profit work under Auroville Village Action Group.

FUTURE PLANS: In 2015 we plan to train trainers to conduct programs across the country.

Want to Fund this Project?

Write to us at editor@thecsrjournal.in and we will assist you with the process.