Ben and Jerrys Millennials

CSR: Sustainability as we knew it is over

Sustainability among brands is undergoing a renaissance as eco-conscious consumers demand ethical practices, responsible behaviour and innovation to cut excess. In response, brands are creating products, services, packaging, and new systems that are as desirable and functional as they are eco-friendly. Make way for the New Sustainability. Late in 2018, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on...
Heat action plan by Ahmedabad

CSR: How Ahmedabad Became South Asia’s Leader In Global Cooling With Heat Action Plan

Based on current trends in carbon emissions, by the end of this century three-quarters of humanity will face deadly heat with significant losses in economic productivity. Densely populated regions in the Persian Gulf, Bangladesh, and northeast India may become so hot and humid that they surpass limits on human survivability in absence of heat...
Tetrapak partnership

Tetra Pak and Veolia partner to get all beverage carton components recycled

Tetra Pak has joined forces with global resource management company Veolia in a game-changing partnership that will enable all components of used beverage cartons collected within the European Union to be recycled by 2025. The average beverage carton comprises around 75% paperboard, 20% plastic and 5% aluminum foil. But while the fibres recovered during recycling...
Gaganjot Kaur, swissnex India

‘Govt. of India is key player to drive clean energy’: Gaganjot Kaur, swissnex India

To many Fortune 500 companies announcing aggressive goals relating to their clean energy usage, transitioning their energy usage into renewable energy sources plays an integral part in their sustainability goals. Offsetting energy costs through increased use of renewables is not only cost-effective, but such practices allow for CSR success, which has a profound impact...
Organic farming in Sikkim

Sikkim, India’s First Fully Organic State

Sikkim became the first state in India to officially announce adoption of organic farming in the year 2003 to ensure long term sustenance of soil fertility, protection of environment and ecology, healthy living and decreasing the risk of health ailments. In 2003, Sikkim stopped imports of chemical fertilizers in the State and since then...

CNN explores why Singapore leads the way in sustainable public housing and green architecture

The city-state of Singapore balances building high-density housing whilst remaining a sustainable city. Following their independence, Singapore’s new government made housing and building a nation of home owners a priority. The Housing and Development Board (HDB) was formed in 1960 and sought to create better living conditions with new innovative solutions. In the latest edition...
greenwashing in ecotourism

CSR: Greenwashing In Ecotourism, How You Are Being Fooled

Greenwashing looms ominously over travel and tourism. Defined as “disinformation that is disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image,” it has become a recognisable term. The rise in awareness around green issues such as global warming, declining biodiversity and overpopulation has led to more and more businesses keen to...
mountain gorilla

Mountain Gorillas Come Back From Edge of Extinction

A decade ago, there were just 680 mountain gorillas in the wild. Today, there are more a 1,000 thanks to conservation efforts, a historic recovery for the slow-breeding species, according to the International Union of Concerned Scientists (IUCN). While the gorillas are still considered “endangered,” not yet out of the range of extinction, their status...
water cut in mumbai

CSR: BMC Executes 10% Water Cut In Mumbai

In April 2018, Cape Town’s Day Zero took centre stage. Day Zero is when the city would run out of water and the government would have no option but turn off the supplies. Cape Town is one of the most developed cities in the world and they are facing the possibility of a day...
Abdullah A Rehman, APD Foundation

Air pollution is the fifth largest killer in India: Abdullah A Rehman, Founder & CEO, Anti Pollution Drive Foundation

Delhiites continue to choke on polluted air and debate over the unlivability of metro cities in India continues to rage. As part of our continuous efforts to Be the Solution, The CSR Journal had an exclusive conversation with Founder and CEO of Anti Pollution Drive Foundation, Abdullah A Rehman. Anti Pollution Drive (APD) Foundation India...
solar energy study

What are the biggest roadblocks for the adoption of Solar energy?

Kolkata uses solar lamps on a large scale for household/domestic purposes compared to other tier 1 cities; while Bengaluru constitutes the highest number of solar water heater consumers amongst all the metros. These are the findings of a pan India study to gauge the awareness and penetration of household solar energy products in urban India...
sustainable packaging

CSR: Sustainable Packaging in Response to Plastic

Use of conventional plastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene are facing harsh societal and political criticism due to environmental and waste-disposal concerns. As widely reported in print, electronic, and social media, these non-degradable plastics find their way into the oceans and negatively affect marine eco system and habitats. As a result, corporations are paying...

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