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Tata Chemicals Coral Reef

Tata Chemicals reveals what made the Coral Reef Restoration Project a success

Coral reefs, also known as sea rainforests, support a diverse range of marine species as well as the livelihoods of coastal communities. The Tata Chemicals plant in Mithapur is near the Gulf of Kutch Marine National Park, which is a Biodiversity Hotspot and protects coral reefs. Based on field observations and a review of...
Ashima Bhat

HDFC Bank commits to becoming carbon neutral ahead of World Environment Day

HDFC Bank today announced plans to become carbon neutral by 2031-32. As part of this CSR initiative, the bank is looking at reducing its emissions, energy, and water consumption. It will continue to incorporate and scale up the use of renewable energy in its operations. As part of its ESG strategy, HDFC Bank will also...
TrulyMadly Forever Green

Dating App TrulyMadly adopts green lung in NCR as part of CSR

Ahead of World Environment Day, dating app TrulyMadly has adopted a green lung of 1,000 trees in the National Capital Region (NCR) to commit to the social goals of hundreds of couples on the platform. The ‘Forever Garden’ initiative empowers environmentally conscious millennial couples in creating a greener planet by adopting and nurturing ‘love’...
Rhinos - Forevermark CSR project

Diamond brand Forevermark on track to achieve the 12 Building Forever Goals in the new decade

Forevermark, the diamond brand from the De Beers Group that has made a long-term commitment to take care of the natural environment and focus on ‘Building Forever’, is on track to achieve the 12 sustainability goals in the coming decade. These goals include leading ethical practices across the industry, partnering for thriving communities, protecting...
Bicycle Mayors Bhairavi Joshi and Nikita Lalwani - World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day – Initiatives by Indian Citizens

World Bicycle Day 2021 is being observed today at a time when lockdowns are being eased out here, and lifted in other parts of the globe, lending the annual day renewed importance. Cycling is being viewed with fresh eyes as “green recovery” becomes a buzzword in the “new normal” of the post-COVID-19 world. Eco-friendly, ridiculously...

Integration of Cycling in Daily Transit – Best Practices

Climate change and global warming show a bleak image of tomorrow if steps are not taken today to reduce carbon emissions. One of the major contributors to carbon emissions and pollution, in general, is the use of vehicles. On the other hand, the realisation of good health has never been more apparent than at present....
Canon Green Environment Together

Canon India’s ‘Green Environment Together’ CSR initiative plants 20,000 trees in 2 years

Strengthening its commitment towards environment and sustainable business, Canon India today announced the successful plantation of the 20,000th tree as part of its ‘Green Environment Together’ (GET) Initiative. The organization strongly advocates giving back to mother nature, for which, along with taking care of the business and the customers, it takes care of the...
Turn down the heat - Dr Katey

Epson urging consumers and businesses to ‘Turn Down the Heat’ for protection of permafrost

Epson has joined forces with National Geographic to promote the protection of the world's permafrost - the frozen ground beneath the polar regions of the earth - in its newly launched 'Turn Down the Heat' campaign. The campaign comes as scientists predict the world's permafrost will thaw entirely by 2100, drastically changing ecologies, raising global...
Cyclone Nisarga

Facing and Surviving Cyclones in Indian Subcontinent

Cyclones are common occurrences in India. In fact, the Indian subcontinent is one of the worst affected regions in the world with tropical cyclones. The subcontinent with a long coastline of 8041 kilometres is exposed to nearly 10 per cent of the world’s tropical cyclones. Of these, the majority of them have their initial...
Beauty Industry Sustainability

Brands Making The Beauty Industry More Sustainable

For ages, new beauty brands with ‘stronger’ ingredients and ‘better results’ have been cropping up in the market, making it hyper-competitive. As more and more brands fought to outshine each other, the industry became a space that plays on their end-users ' insecurities to sell more products. However, having won their attention, the products that...
IBM India - National Technology Day

National Technology Day 2021 – Top Tech Companies for CSR in India

National Technology Day is being celebrating across India today to honour scientists and engineers. The beginnings of this national holiday, however, are less benign. May 11 is when the Indian Army conducted three nuclear tests at the Pokhran Test Range in Rajasthan in the year 1998. The code name was Operation Shakti. There were...
Cosmo Foundation Installs a New Carbon Compacting Plant in Jammu and Kashmir

CSR arm of Cosmo Films installs carbon compacting plant for the Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir

Cosmo Foundation, the social arm of Cosmo Films Ltd., has installed a new carbon compacting plant in the Valley. This CSR activity is part of its green initiatives to support the Indian Army and offset the carbon footprint of increasing non-biodegradable materials generated by the locally stationed troops in the Poonch and Mendhar districts...

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