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Building Communities, Building Nations

Imagine the generic scenario of a farmer in a rustic corner of India. He lives on a small farm in a remote tribal village, has received minimal education, and has no capital except his land, no resources and security, whatsoever. He feels all alone. But so does his neighbour. And all the other million farmers...

The Livelihood Approach – Tackling Rural Development Holistically

Whilst India has experienced significant economic growth over the last 20 years, much of this wealth generation has been inequitable. On one hand, we have a 'Shining India' with 101 billionaires, and a rich and middle class of 160 million.  On the other, there is an India still struggling to earn a decent living, majority...

Rural Skill Development – Opportunities Untapped

Skill development, the national agenda, has been quite well embraced by the corporate world. This is the right time to delve deeper into the sector and tap the unexplored

Promoting The Culture Of Safety In Rural Communities

Through CSR, corporates are making their best efforts to reduce the rural-urban divide, especially in terms of access to information. Better infrastructure, access to digital technology and increasing confidence of people, indeed deserves an applause.

Embracing Traditional Wisdom In CSR

“When an old person dies, a whole library burns.” The age-old African proverb is apt to explain the significance of ancestral wisdom. Since time immemorial, we all have been hearing and have also witnessed how rural communities across geographies have built an invaluable pool of indigenous practices based on traditional knowledge and wisdom. Farmers predict rainfall...

Let the Evidence Speak for Itself

The good news is - most companies are fulfilling their social responsibility. The question remains – is that really what communities need? According to research, people feel that corporate social responsibility is not effective and failing in some cases. For instance, only 13% people trust what they read in a corporate firm’s CSR or sustainability...

Digitalising Rural India Through CSR

Budget 2017-18 promises 1.5 lakh gram panchayats with high-speed broadband service by the end of the year. This may invite a range of reactions. Someone might say “Really? This looks like an impossible task to achieve.” There might be yet another section saying “Rural poor need jobs, not technology”. While there could be varied opinions...

Why Our Youth Will Not Succeed With Only Skilling?

A young boy, 21-year old (let’s call him Bhima), who has recently migrated to a town, finally gets to work as a welder in a small workshop. After dropping out of school, Bhima learned welding from his father – a part-time welder. Six months later, Bhima’s employer fires him for not being an efficient...

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