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Abortion Kills 20 Lakh Women Every Year: Survey

Abortion remains highly restricted in India. The governing law, the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act (1971), permits abortions before 12 weeks of pregnancy by a registered medical practitioner or before 20 weeks of pregnancy with the approval of two registered medical practitioners, but only if the mother or child's mental or physical health is in danger. A slightly more liberal amendment is under consideration, but still does not allow abortion if the woman simply wishes to terminate the pregnancy.

Sharp Drop in Ratio of Young Women in India Expected: Study

With the decreasing sex ratio in India, it has been reported by the Indian Government that the sex ratio will drop further in the coming years. The report, by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation was published earlier in the year. According to the report, the number of women every thousand men will drop...

Is Assam’s Two-Child Norm Implausible?

Recently, Assam’s health minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, unveiled the draft of a new population policy for the state. It proposes, among other things, to penalise people who have more than two children. However, the Government has sought public suggestions on the draft population policy, which would be put up in the public domain, before...

Dowry-Less Social Weddings: Reliving The Unsaid Obligation

Individual Social Responsibility is about continuing to make efforts inorder to make a difference in the lives of people. Earlier this month, a dowry-less social wedding ceremony was organised at Palakkad in Kerala. The biannual ceremony, witnessed 21 couples tying the knot during first edition of this year’s social wedding. “We have always believed in...

Increasing Equality A Key Factor To Unlocking Prosperity In Asia-Pacific

The report underscores the importance of addressing poverty through pro-poor urbanisation, effective management of rural-urban transitions, and investment in sustainable infrastructure.

Are You Creating A Positive Water Impact?

India newly signed a $175 million loan pact with the World Bank for National Hydrology Project that aims to improve management of water resources.  The project will strengthen the capacity of institutions to assess the water situation in their regions and reduce their vulnerability to recurring flood and droughts, saving hundreds of lives and...

More Than The Mandate, It’s About Awareness That Causes Generate: Dilip Jayaram, CEO, Procam International

“There are some pages from the sport of running that can be imbibed in other sports,” said Dilip Jayaram, CEO, Procam International. He and his team have been an integral part of the Standard Chartered Marathon, which the city of Mumbai has witnessed for over a decade. In conversation with The CSR Journal, he...

Corporate Collaborations Can Aid Health Scenario

Today, the Indian government spends only about one percent of its GDP on healthcare, which is among the lowest globally for any country. Along with building highways, firing up our power plants and ensuring there is a roof over every Indian’s head, there is a need to focus on healthcare in the country. According to...

Focus Of Values Cannot Be Overstated: Gul Panag, Actress & Social Activist

Gul Panag runs the Colonel Shamsher Singh Foundation, an NGO that works towards a variety of causes including gender equality, education and disaster management. It was founded seven years ago. In conversation with The CSR Journal, she highlights that there is a vast chasm between what people have and what they should have. On a more...

Raising Funds Through The Strength And Power Of A Sport

The 14th edition of Asia’s distance running event, the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) once again captivated the country with its belief, courage, and passion. Since inception, the marathon has been empowering lives by encouraging citizens to take a step in support of the less fortunate. Money for charity in aid  was raised for multiple...

Talk Now- Better Late Than Never

World Health Day is an annual reminder, an alarm set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to remind the world of both the increasing health burden and attention required for public health. This year, 7th April, is a day that marks 68 years of the WHO’s effort in preventing, arresting, and reporting on public...

Achieving Water Security in India: Towards Innovative Solutions

An ‘Open Situation Room’ on ‘Water Security in India: Towards Innovative Solutions’, as part of the ‘Humanitarian Diplomacy Lab’ event was held by Vestyn Partners, an accelerator for global businesses in India in association with BMW Foundation and Swiss, German and Israel Consulates. It was hosted by Jasdeep Randhawa, a water expert, who has consulted for...

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