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15 Year Old Boy Cycles To SPEAK OUT

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The scope of bullying has multiplied in the last few years with students from varied socio-economic backgrounds interacting with each other. It could either be for not having a premium smart phone or for posts on a variety of social media platforms. Although it has been a part of the growing process amongst peers, the ways have evolved over the years with the development of technology.

Parents’ teachings and upbringing ways have come into question, with an increasing need to keep a check on the internet usage and posts. 15- year- old Maharshi Sanket an avid cyclist and artist has kick-off a cycle yatra from Bengaluru, which will end in Mumbai on 1st June. He has initiated a campaign SPEAK OUT, which is an attempt against bullying and sexual abuse. Having witnessed at close quarters the impact of bullying on children, the suffocation and helplessness they experience when they suffer alone in silence, he felt a need to SPEAK OUT. ‘’I wanted to urge these targets of bullying and sexual abuse to break the silence on this issue, share their pain and experiences and reach out for support,’’ says Sanket.

Renowned artists, social catalysts and citizens have joined hands with him. Art events in Bangalore and Mumbai have been part it too. His creative journey brought him in touch with Bangalore based artists Shomi Banerjee, Shan Re and M.G.Doddamani. With them he began a new phase in the journey of exploring forms and colours. His association with these three senior artists, helped his creativity scale new heights and explore new dimensions. He draws inspiration from the works of Ramkinkar Baij and Amrita Sher-Gil as well as from the traditional wellsprings of Tanjore paintings and Mughal miniatures.

Sanket has been closely working with people who are actively involved in social and environmental causes. The recent incidents of rape in Kathua and Unnao shocked and saddened him and drove him to express his feelings through art. Through his passion for cycling Sanket he has initiated a 1,000 Km cycle yatra from Bangalore to Mumbai to raise his voice against bullying and sexual abuse. “Campaigning on my cycle is meaningful as it is a symbol of care, health, awareness and strength, for me.”

The cycle yatra began on May 21st from Bangalore and will witness interaction with groups of children and teenagers en route to spread the message. It has received warm support from social catalysts like Rajashri Damle, Vijay[YUVA],Mayuri, Avinash Bhale[Kolhapur University] at different places.

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