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Private Sector Has A Huge Role To Play In The Capacity Building Of Small And Medium Sized NGOs: Jaivir Singh, Vice Chairman, PwC India Foundation


Jaivir Singh is the Vice Chairman of PwC India Foundation (PwCIF) and his primary focus lies in strategising and executing Corporate Responsibility programmes. While speaking with The CSR Journal, he throws light on the broad themes of work done around environment sustainability, Water and sanitation, Humanitarian Response programs and addressing issues related to urban children.

Urban children is an area that needs to be addressed because India has one of the fastest urbanisation rates. Health and sanitation of growing children need to be paid attention to, so as to improve dropout rates and poor attendance.

Collaboration is key between governmental organisations, individuals and leaders, yet one of the challenges of the private sector is parachute development.

With regard to humanitarian response programs, he says, “There have been twice as many humanitarian related emergencies in 2017-18 as compared to 2016-17. I’m deeply moved by some the resilience I see in the communities which have been through tough times. The marrying of the work on field with the places where resources are available is important. Without it, we will be working in silos, which is not the best way to address social concerns.”

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