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CSR Mandate Should Have Been A Pre-Tax Spend: Paul Abraham

“Commitment is needed from more than one level of management and employee involvement is absolutely paramount. There is a certain amount of regulation required in the Indian working system but legal supervision can become draconian”, says Paul Abraham, COO, IndusInd Bank, while in conversation with The CSR Journal. In India, we have a vague...

Dementia Day Care Center

Dignity Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that has been working for the cause of senior citizens for over 19 years.

Mandate Is Good Because As Indians We Remember Our Rights But Forget Our Responsibilites: Arunab Kumar

Arunabh Kumar is the CEO of The Viral Fever (TVF),  India's first Youtube channel for original content to cross a million subscribers. In conversation with The wp Journal, he highlights the need to put the youth in the driver's seat to get them actively involved in wp to bring about the desired change. Any activity...

Corporates need to increase awareness of wellness for mental health: Richa Singh

Richa Singh is the Co-Founder of YourDost. Alarmed by the rising rates of suicides and stress levels in India and the social stigma attached to seeing a psychologist; YourDost provides an emotional support network for people to anonymously discuss problems with qualified and experienced individuals. While speaking to The wp Journal, Richa speaks on...

I think CSR is all about solving problems: Manvendra Singh Shekhawat

Manvendra Singh Shekhawat, a hotelier has his interests mainly in hotels, heritage conservation, design and social entrepreneurship. His hotels take the path less travelled and his NGO, I Love Jaisalmer, was responsible for launching the city's largest cleanliness and conservation drive. While speaking with The CSR Journal, he narrates about the cynicism faced and...

One can work more without red tapes in the country : Mainak Chakraborty

Mainak Chakraborty is the co founder and Co-CEO of GPS Renewables (Green Power Systems).  Fortuna Meida recently named him as "The Bioenergy person of the year, 2015". While speaking with The wp Journal, Mainak explains the methods used in the waste energy sector, which has seen a lot a failures. While working in Bangalore, his...

Relationship with society should not be transactional: Anuraag Saxena

" Looking good is part of wp, doing better is the bigger part", says Anuraag Saxena, Asia-Head for the World Education Foundation, UK. He believes that skills from academia and corporate-life, can and should be applied to solve social challenges as much as they solve economic ones. During the interview with The wp Journal,...

Azim Premji is my hero: Mohandas Pai

T.V. Mohandas Pai is the Chairperson of the Board of Manipal Global Education Services. He was a member of the Board of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Until mid-2011, Pai was a member of the Board at Infosys Ltd, Banglore where he headed Human Resources; Education & Research, to name a few. While...

Success measured through volunteers’ engagement: Ganesh Natarajan

Ganesh Natrajan has been appointed the Chairman of NASSCOM Foundation for 2014-16. He is also a Founder and Board Member of Global Talent Track, a pioneer in Employability Skills Training in Asia. In his brief chat with The wp Journal, Natarajan expresses the huge task it is to make 300 million people employable in...

Need clarity on definitions used in CSR: M.R. Rangaswami

M.R. Rangaswami is a software executive, investor, entrepreneur, corporate eco-strategy expert, community builder and philanthropist. While chatting with The CSR Journal team, M.R. speaks about the importance of putting profits to good use, which in turn can mean much to the country. In line with the same, there is also a crucial need for...

Money + Effort is the way forward: Harsh Mariwala

The CSR Journal in conversation with Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico Ltd speaks on the importance of an organisation’s duty and the importance of its role in society. Disagreeing on the need for a supervising body, he says, “If someone really wants to evade , either way they will.”

Moral pressure needs to be created: Vidya Shah

Vidya Shah is the CEO of EdelGive Foundation, which is the philanthropy arm of Edelweiss group. Her presence on the board for various prominent organisations enables her to contribute strategically. Thus, helping them to buuild a stronger presence by implementing useful plans in an efficient manner. Vidya Shah, while sharing her insights with The wp...

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