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CSR: ZENCC offers FREE network security solution for schools


Today, when the internet has become an integral part of the curriculum and management, schools need to carefully consider network safety to protect their data and their students’ confidential information.

If trends across the world are anything to go by, then Educational Institutes including K12 schools are extremely vulnerable to data hacks. According to some reliable sources around 13% of all data breaches happened in Educational Institutes in the US last year. Considering the amount of both personal, confidential and financial data that academic institutions store, it’s no surprise that they’re the target of malicious activity.

The academic environment is often more difficult to secure than conventional companies or organizations. The traditional culture of education promotes the free exchange of ideas and instant information access benefits the academic mission and goals of any educational institution. School IT teams must find appropriate ways to balance the values that define education while protecting and safeguarding data and information systems.

ZENCC, a company based out of Ahmedabad, realizes that. As a part of their CSR activities, they are offering their flexible and scalable cloud-based network security solution called Netpass to K-12 schools free of cost. They will ensure the implementation of this solution to interested schools.

NetPass secures wireless, wired and VPN networks from unauthorized access. Securing network access is first step to prevent loss & compromise of critical business and personal data of the schools and its students. A product that is completely cloud based, NetPass ensures that its services are delivered through reliable, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure. Schools that implement this will never have to worry about outgrowing their hardware, monitoring servers or backups.

Says Deepak Chandrayan, a senior executive with ZENCC, “Educational institutions need a well-managed & flexible network security system that reduces complexity and protects sensitive data—all without compromising network performance. NetPass makes that possible along with allowing organisations like schools to set up well defined network policies that can be easily customised. We at ZENCC care about Data and its sensitivity in an increasingly networked world. Therefore, we are offering to implement NetPass, our own customised solution, to K-12 schools  as a part of our CSR activities.” 

Schools can simply access the ZENCC website and write to them to show their interest. This solution can be easily implemented remotely or on site, from anywhere. So now, all the school’s data that includes sensitive information about their functioning  and its students can be secured in a scalable manner.