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Yasminee’s Shelter Home for the Homeless

Yasmine Fund raiser

The small heroic acts that people perform in their limited capacities are more inspirational and have power to create a bigger impact than the big radical ideas of changing the society.

The 2004 Tsunami took away Yasminee’s home in Port Blair and left her single mother struggling financially. Yasminee was only 17 when she left for Mumbai to find a job to support her family. It was a struggle, staying at railway stations and going without food when necessary. She realized how important the basic, primary needs in life were. After 6-7 months she got a small job, and slowly grew to leave her days of poverty far behind.

Fortunately, Yasminee never forgot her days of struggle, and decided to make the world slightly better for anyone else who was going through a bad time, was struggling without the most basic needs, or had nobody else to help them. She moved back to Chennai post marriage and decided to help people in whatever way she could, no matter whatever limitations she had. 

Everyday, after office Yasminee goes home, cooks for almost 300 people and carries it all the way to a slum 27 km away. She distributes the food to families who have no homes or means to make their ends meet. She also helps families struggling with medical emergencies or having children with special needs. Today, she is looking forward to building a shelter home for those with no homes. Having faced adverse situations in life Yasminee is well aware of the hardships of a life after losing her home.

She is seeking the support in building the home through an online fundraiser on Milaap. Please support the initiative at https://milaap.org/fundraisers/helpyasmine