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Yaru Juneja, Founder RajasthanBeats thanks the government for an inclusive budget

The Chief Minister of Indian State of Rajasthan presented the state budget for the financial year 2021-2022 on the floor of state assembly on Wednesday. RajasthanBeats, a leading advocacy group claiming to work for welfare of public at large in Rajasthan said that the state budget is inclusive. As per Yaru Juneja, the founder of the organization, the budget takes care of all the sectors of the state and people from different walks of life.
It is pertinent to note that a separate agriculture budget has been proposed to be presented from next year.
“Our government has also remained friendly with farmers and has been introducing measures regarding relief from agricultural debt. On the three controversial central agriculture laws, keeping the interests of the farmers in mind, we have passed three bills in the last Assembly session and forwarded it to the Governor for approval of the President,” he Chief Minister representing the government said.
RajasthanBeats lauded the Upgradation of 100 state schools, establishment of 50 new government schools and setting up of 1,200 Mahatma Gandhi schools as landmark initiatives.
The organization said in a press release that the takeaway for them has been proposal of establishing, 200 English medium schools for the areas with more than 5,000 population in the state and a Faculty of Agriculture at 600 government schools across Rajasthan.
But it expressed its disappointment over the absence of initiatives dedicated to the restoration and preservation of heritage in Rajasthan from the state budget.