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4 Organic Brands for Making the Switch to an Eco-friendly Lifestyle

This World Environment Day, there are a lot of conversations on saving the planet, the use of organic and bio-degradable items that most of us will not implement in our daily lives. In the last few years, we have seen that due to drastic climate change and excessive pollution, our Mother Earth is being destroyed.
It’s high time we realize our mistake and take a step to change our ways for the benefit of our world. It should not be a one-day job to be eco-friendly in all possible ways, it should be a habit that we all need to practice every day.
While it can be a little difficult and full of challenges to suddenly make a shift in our daily lives, we can always try to start with smaller things and be more conscious when it comes to the environment.
This World Environment Day, let’s take a step towards a brighter and better future for our Earth. Here are 4 brands that are gentle on the environment in their production and sale.

1. Noraa

Noraa is designed keeping in mind the comfort level of a woman and also the comfort of the environment. Where the average plastic sanitary napkin takes over 600 years to degrade, their napkins take much lesser. The materials are specifically procured to meet the comfort needs of a woman and the Earth.
The brand makes sure that there are no artificial additives to the sanitary napkins and the whole pads are sealed through ultrasonic welding. The glue used for sticking is also organic so as not to create unnecessary problems such as rashes or environment poisoning.

2.  Organic Tattva

This brand of organic foods has grown from the principles of health, ecology and care. They believe in working with a large number of accredited farmers who do not use or promote the use of pesticides and genetically modified seeds to grow their produce.
They aim to give customers a healthy chemical-free meal for perfect nutrition. They are certified organic as per India Organic (NPOP), USDA (NOP), Kosher, and EU Standards. They want to help people live a better, healthier, and wholesome life by providing them with 100% certified, authentic organic food.

3. Nature’s Tattva

Nature’s Tattva is a do-it-yourself beauty brand, which aims to revolutionize the way beauty products are consumed. Supported by a combination of tech, content and high-quality products, the startup is entering the fresh, customized, and natural beauty space. Nature’s Tattva sells online through marketplaces Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and its own website.
Their objective is to enable consumers to build concoctions from the best quality raw materials that would suit their specific skin and hair type. The firm is also developing DIY kits that will include measured ingredients along with a recipe booklet and container for the product.

4. Kolan India

Kolan India is a brand that designs and develops eco-friendly health and hygiene products such as bath wipes, bathroom cleaners etc. Their aim is to manufacture products that are value-for-money as well as eco-friendly. Right from manufacture to usage and disposal, every product comes at a minimal cost to nature.
They are creating affordable yet efficient hygienic lifestyle products that can make a big difference in the quality of people’s lives. Kolan wipes can be safely discarded because they are made from all-natural fibres and oils which are 100% biodegradable. No toxic chemicals are used.