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World Energy Efficiency Day Could Make You Richer

March 5th was World Energy Efficiency Day 2020. Of course, many of you may have never heard of it. However, this day has been observed across the world since 1998 and, as our fuel sources continue to deplete, the relevance of World Energy Efficiency Day increases year on year. Besides, energy efficiency is an issue that we all need to be aware of on a day-to-day basis.

Why is energy efficiency a concern?

Whether you are a responsible citizen who wants to protect the environment or simply happy with saving money on your monthly electricity and water bills, energy efficiency would be top priority for you. You are “energy efficient” when you close the tap while washing dishes or turn off the lights when you leave the room, when you pull the plug on the mobile charger after your battery is full or walk to the nearest supermarket instead of driving there.
Energy efficiency means reducing energy consumption while maintaining the same equilibrium for the products and services you use, in a more sustainable manner. It requires small changes in your lifestyle. You don’t need to give up on little comforts to be energy efficient. Electricity use comes up the most since it’s the most used, yet this term can apply to all the energy sources we use including petrol and cooking gas.

World Energy Efficiency Day 2020

Energy efficiency is one of the methods for curbing climate change. It is driven by renewable energy sources which are more
or less harmless to the environment. To further these goals, World Energy Efficiency day has been held every March 5th since 1998. It was established during the First International Conference on Energy Efficiency held in Austria as an annual day to reflect on how we use energy, how our wastefulness impacts the earth’s ecosystems, and what we can do to remedy it.
World Energy Efficiency Day 2020 is not only about using cutting-edge technology but also about knowing how to manage the resources at hand more effectively. Consequently, recycling, “clean” and “green” products and conscious consumerism i.e., only using the things we really can’t do without, all become part of energy efficiency.

What you can do

We cannot continue wasting natural resources because future generations will suffer the consequences more severely than we
can imagine. Grown-ups and children can equally participate in this process by showing their commitment.
In your daily life, you ​​can take the following actions:


– Switch off the lights unless necessary.
– Use energy efficient light bulbs.

Appliances and electronics:

– Keep your computer / laptop on power-saving mode when you’re away from the desk.
– Switch off the TV, computer monitor, printer, music systems instead of leaving them on stand-by
– Do not open the fridge door frequently
– If you’re buying a new appliance, look for the BEE star label, which shows how much electricity the appliance consumes in a
year. Each appliance gets between one and five stars, with five stars meaning that it’s extremely efficient and is likely
to reduce your electricity bills. Check this guide to make the right choice


– Take public transport or join a car-pooling group to commute
– Walk or ride a bike for short distances
– Switch from a diesel and petrol vehicle to an electric car
By making these small changes in your habits, you can help protect the environment and make World Energy Efficiency Day — and the rest of the year a profitable one.