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Whiskas #BringHomeCuriosity campaign urges Indians to adopt homeless cats

Whiskas – a brand of MARS Petcare – has introduced a new ad campaign promoting cat adoption. The four-week campaign will air from today on MX Player and on Whiskas YouTube. The campaign will be amplified through the popular Humans of Bombay social media handles as well as on other social and digital media. Whiskas has also tied up with actors who are cat parents, such as Gauahar Khan and others, for the campaign.
There is a lot of skepticism around cats as pets because most people think they are not as affectionate as dogs and also because of the superstitions surrounding them. Contrary to perception, cats are curious companions, loving friends, and playful housemates who bring positivity and happiness to the house.
For city dwellers, cats are practical pets because they do not have to be taken out or attended to constantly. They are content indoors as long as they have access to fresh food, clean water, a designated litter tray, and toys to keep them entertained. However, there are many stray kittens looking for loving homes. Whiskas has relentlessly tried to create awareness around cat needs and care through its ‘Feed Their Curiosity’ philosophy.
Whiskas, through the #BringHomeCuriosity campaign, reaches out to people, especially youth across cities, encouraging them to adopt a kitten today.

The 34-second film, conceptualised by MX Player, opens with a young working professional, Ramya, who is not only very busy but also misses human contact. While working, she hears a meow and spots a cute kitten on her window. She tries to attract the kitten’s attention, but it is more interested in a ball of yarn and is nervous around Ramya.
Ramya feeds the kitten a packet of Whiskas cat food – the beginning of a beautiful friendship. The ad ends with Ramya tying a ribbon around the kitten’s neck and placing it on a cat bed, making it a part of her family.
Ganesh Ramani, General Manager, MARS Petcare, said: “Cats, which were not the preferred choice as pets, are gaining popularity. Now, more than ever, people are turning to them as a source of comfort and companionship during these unprecedented times. While cat adoption has been growing fast in India, we are seeing an increasing trend of pet parents looking for the best nutrition and care for their little companions. Also, there are still so many homeless kittens out there. MARS Petcare understands this and, through our brand, Whiskas, wants to champion the cause of cat adoption.”
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