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Home learning CSR initiative: ‘Karona Thodi Masti, Thodi Padhai’

Welspun Foundation for Health & Knowledge is the CSR arm of Welspun Group. It has launched a home learning initiative ‘Karona Thodi Masti, Thodi Padhai’ in order to provide continuous education for government school students in Anjar, Valsad and Bharuch, during the pandemic.
The company has already enabled education for 7500 students across 30 government schools so far and is looking to expand its outreach to include more students within the district. This effort is an extension of Welspun’s flagship CSR programme ‘Wel-Accelerate’ that aims to promote the importance of education amongst children and the community at large. Through this new initiative, Welspun aims to leverage its technology tools and digital content to introduce education packages that encourage and support continued learning in a fun and engaging manner.
Welspun Foundation has interacted with over 100 primary teachers of government schools, across the three districts to discuss the various challenges and suggestions for creating the home learning programme. Taking those into consideration, the programme will use both offline and online platforms to ensure the students not only learn in a fun way but also be able to complete their syllabus as per NCERT guidelines. It includes teachers creating worksheets on various subjects for the students to enable schooling at home and also a WhatsApp and SMS series to enable parents or older siblings to engage children in project-based activities focused on a variety of topics such as math, science, English, art, music and theatre.
Dipali Goenka, Trustee, Welspun Foundation said, “Welspun has always been at the forefront of encouraging and enabling children’s education with its marquee programme ‘Wel-Accelerate’. Taking cognizance of the disruptions caused by the ongoing pandemic to India’s educational system, we have launched a home learning initiative ‘Karona Thodi Masti, Thodi Padhai’. At a time when our teachers are working endlessly to ensure COVID-19 doesn’t act as a barrier to education, this initiative will aid and enable them through a structured, technology-backed and extensive programme.”
Being a purpose-led organization, Welspun’s corporate social values and community welfare initiatives are enshrined in the three E’s which stand for Education, Empowerment and Environment & Health.

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