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Only Way Forward To Tackle Violence Is- Speak Up


Part 1 of our article spoke about violence against women and girls and how digital media can catalyse the much needed change in mindset. The aim is to mobilise the youth to address issues around gender-based violence, particularly violence against women and girls (VAWG) as this is a problem that is not only accelerating but also acquiring a digital persona and spilling into the relatively young digital space. The goal is to bring about a change in the cultural and social norms that consider violence as “acceptable.” It is crucial for men to understand that the infliction of violence is not a right but rather a violation. Women need to be very clear that they do not, under any circumstances, deserve it or should accept it.

An increase in knowledge will help steer perceptions on VAWG among youth so that girls will be encouraged to speak up as well as bring about positive changes in perceptions of masculinity. It is the inspiration the youth need to become change agents and speak up against violence in homes, colleges and online public spaces. Speaking up is critical – the silence and stigma around violence needs to be shattered. “The campaign Main KuchBhi Kar SaktiHoon (MKBKSH) – I, A Woman Can Achieve Anything is a potential campaign of a scalable model that can addresses the growing incidence of this scourge.  Over time, this repository of digital information would serve as a resource on combating all forms of gender based violence (GBV),” said Poonam Muttreja, Executive Director, Population Foundation Of India.

It is true that gender violence happens across age groups. However, the youth are the architects and leaders of tomorrow and their thinking and actions need to be educated and informed. Giving them the opportunity to showcase their thoughts and ideas on tackling GBV and also to demonstrate how it matters to them.

Another reason which is overlooked and has a large role to plays is regressive social norms and attitudes that sanctify VAWG are still very much there. They may as well be growing up witnessing various forms of violence within their communities, families and homes. Opening up the issue is one way of addressing it.

This is the time to show how you can change the world, smash patriarchy and end violence. Let us not be afraid to share our thoughts and creativity. This part 2 article is to create awareness and give the youth a unique opportunity to focus on the issue of violence, which is all pervasive in our society. They can reflect upon it and act. Most importantly, even offer a solution.

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