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#VocalForLocalPets ending bias against Indian breeds

Violence and discrimination against animals on India’s streets are on the rise. World For All Animal Care & Adoptions; an animal welfare organisation in collaboration with Tonic Worldwide; a digital-first creative agency, has launched a campaign #VocalForLocalPets, intending to end discrimination against stray animals.
#VocalForLocalPets has been conceptualized to give these defenceless and helpless animals a voice. The campaign allows pet lovers to adopt and give these local breeds all the love they deserve while being a part of their family. Under the circumstances where everyone is presenting a united front against the pandemic and the nationalistic unity is on the rise, solidarity with local animals is an emotion that would go a long way to find them their families and homes.
Given the conditions of the current lockdown scenario, the team has launched a microsite that features all the pets who are up for adoption. In addition to this, the campaign is also being promoted on World For All’s social media handles.
Pratik Hatankar, Head of Innovations & New Initiatives, Tonic Worldwide, says, “It is disheartening to see the discrimination between breeds and the violence perpetrated against the animals on India’s streets. After PM Narendra Modi urged to go #VocalForLocal, we decided to extend this thought to give a fair chance to Indian breeds. This is a heartfelt effort to encourage our country to adopt local Indian breeds as pets, give them loving homes, and become the voice of these marginalized breeds.”
Sharmee Bhatt, World For All Animal Care & Adoptions, says, “Animals on the street are often mistreated by people as they are helpless and homeless. Their life is extremely difficult with having to often suffer from extreme thirst, hunger & accidents. The Vocal for Local sentiment intends to show these desi dogs and cats as equally loving and deserving the same amount of love we give to other cats and dogs by showcasing them as a part of India. Our aim is for everyone to look at these intelligent and sturdy Indian breeds the same way they look at other breeds, and together we hope to find loving homes for them through this initiative.”

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