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Toronto Business Development Centre sends 3000 ventilators to India to fight against COVID-19 Surge

Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC) announced it is supporting COVID relief efforts in collaboration with Air Canada and the Government of Ontario by providing urgent medical supplies to the Indian population which has been severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

3000 ventilators and other medical supplies donated by the Ontario Government to the Indian Red Cross have reached India.

The Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC) was asked by the Ontario Government to facilitate the shipment of its donation to India. As the official tally of infections crossed 24 million, the rise in cases is creating a shortage of medical supplies and equipment across the country. “We share a strong and deep relationship with India and we stand with the people of India and its frontline workers during these difficult times. India is the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer and has so far shipped over 66 million doses around the globe. We invite the global community to help India fight the pandemic because unless everyone is safe, no one is safe,” said Vikram Khurana, Chairman Toronto Business Development Centre.
An Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner operated a cargo-only flight today with 40 tons of essential supplies from Toronto Pearson Airport to New Delhi. The freight included critical medical equipment such as oxygen cylinders, oxygen generators and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Air Canada also carried 100 ventilators donated recently by the Saskatchewan Government. “When flights to India were suspended on April 22, the movement of essential goods between the two countries was also halted. With this exceptional cargo-only flight, we are grateful to be able to help and contribute to these relief efforts by shipping critical medical supplies. We worked closely with the Toronto Business Development Centre and the Government of Ontario to ensure timely support, in solidarity with the affected communities,” said Jason Berry, Vice-President, Cargo at Air Canada.

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