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Top Lake Rejuvenation CSR Projects in India

Lake Rejuvenation
Lakes play an important role in the ecosystem and biodiversity of areas. They also support agriculture and other industries by fulfilling its water as well as energy needs. However, with excess development and limited availability of the resource, the usability of lake water has reduced significantly owing to its contamination and pollution.
Pollution of water bodies such as lakes severely affects the life and biodiversity of the area. It may even lead to reduced life-span and cause illnesses and diseases. With an intent to prevent such scenarios, India Inc. through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives have worked on the revival of such lakes. Some of the noteworthy lake rejuvenation CSR initiatives are as follows.

Restoration of three lakes by Royal Challengers Bengaluru

RCB Go Green

Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) have completed the restoration work of two major lakes in Bengaluru upscaling the water holding capacity of these lakes and adding civic amenities in a third lake, while improving the biodiversity around these water bodies as part of RCB Go Green Initiative.
RCB launched the Lake Improvement Works Project as part of their ESG commitment in October 2023 with a focus on desilting and developing the Ittgalpura Lake and Sadenahalli Lake. These lakes were selected for being highly water-stressed areas, with borewell depths ranging from 1000 to 1500 feet. The areas also lack access to Kaveri River water and are totally dependent on groundwater and surface water.
According to the report, Over 1.20 lakh tons of silt and sand have been removed at the Ittgalpura Lake and Sadenahalli Lake which has been used to create bunds and pathways across the lakes and 52 farmers have taken the soil to use as topsoil for their fields as well.
 A total of nine acres of lake land have been recovered, resulting in the creation of stabilization ponds and wetlands. These features will benefit the birds and animals inhabiting the lakes. The water holding capacity of the lakes has also increased for upto 17 acres.
The lakes will not only facilitate groundwater recharge but also serve as vital sources of drinking water and support agricultural activities in the surrounding area. It will provide additional livelihood opportunities for the fishermen and farmers of the two lakes, who can now harvest three times as much as before. Currently reliant on borewells for agriculture, farmers can now utilize these rejuvenated lakes for farming and other purposes, thereby enhancing productivity and sustainability.
Meanwhile, at Kannur Lake, the objective has been to improve community ownership through the creation of civic amenities as lake assets. Ethno-Medicinal Plants Parks, Bamboo Parks, and Butterfly Parks are also being created at all three lakes as the initiative aims to improve and sustain the biodiversity of the lakes while also serving as educational hubs for children to understand the ecosystem.

Rejuvenation Chinnappannahalli Lake in Bengaluru by Mitsubishi Electric

CSR Project_Lake Rejuvenation

Mitsubishi Electric India and its group company, Mitsubishi Elevator India collaboratively initiated the Chinnappannahalli Lake Rejuvenation CSR project in 2021 which is in the vicinity of the Manufacturing unit for Mitsubishi Electric elevators.
This Climate action project included desilting of lakebed, sluice gate repair, inlet and outlet repairing, vetiver turfing, creation of elevated walk path, Miyawaki forest plantation, creation of wetland, prominent civil and maintenance work, community area development, construction of storm water drains, improvement in water quality of the lake, construction of culvert, stone revetment in the major regions, construction of entry and exit gates for protection, fencing, creation of island, set-up of 4KW Solar-cum-wind lights, Installation of 20 number of stone benches, children play area set-up and construction of an open air gym which resulted in the conclusion of the project by 2024 that benefitted Lakhs of people in and around the area.
A handing over event was held at Chinnappannahalli Lake, Vemagal near Bengaluru in the prestigious presence of members from Mitsubishi Elevator India; Mitsubishi Electric India; Deputy Commissioner of Kolar; District Industrial Center Head and Vemagal Village Panchayat- CEO. The inauguration ceremony concluded with the stone laying and ribbon cutting by the delegates.
The Chinnappannahalli Lake in Vemagal, near Bengaluru has been a significant source of water for the community, cattle and birds since generations now and its maintenance, restoration, development and cleaning through this CSR project of Mitsubishi Elevator India and Mitsubishi Electric India supported by United Way of Bengaluru- NGO has resulted in addressing major social challenges in and around Bengaluru.

Restoration of Sembakkam Lake by Cognizant and Grundfos

Sembakkam Lake Rejuvenation
Sembakkam Lake Rejuvenation
Cognizant, one of the world’s leading professional services companies, and Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump solutions and water technology, has announced funding support for the restoration of the Sembakkam Lake in Chennai.
The lake rejuvenation project is expected to be completed in 2021. Through the initiative, these companies will look into cleaning the inlets and outlets, improving the lake’s connectivity with upstream and downstream water bodies, building an eco-friendly wastewater treatment system, and constructing walkways and green buffer zones along the lake.
The project will help clear the lake of solid wastes, silt and invasive plant species, improve the lake’s storage capacity by 50%, enhance groundwater recharge and improve water quality. It will benefit over 10,000 households living around the lake and conserve the local biodiversity consisting of around 180 plant species (including 11 aquatic species) and more than 65 bird species. One of the goals of the project is to provide a natural recreational space to the local community and involve them in the maintenance of the water body.
For its execution, the two companies will collaborate with the India chapter of The Nature Conservancy, one of the world’s largest conservation organisations, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, and Chennai-based Care Earth Trust, a non-governmental organization that works in the area of biodiversity conservation.
In addition, after the COVID-19 situation improves, volunteers from Cognizant Outreach, Cognizant’s employee-led volunteering program, and Grundfos, together with project partners, will run a range of community engagement and awareness initiatives, expert talks, lake festivals and tree plantation drives ― to ensure the long-term impact of the restoration project.

Rejuvenation of Hebbagodi Lake by Biocon

Located off Hosur Road, near Electronics City in southeast Bengaluru, the Hebbagodi Lake is spread over 35 acres and has a perimeter of over 2 km. A few years ago, the lake was largely covered by weeds and garbage. Biocon Foundation, the CSR arm of Biocon Ltd. and Syngene International Ltd. worked on reviving the lake and handed it over to the community two years ago.
As a part of its efforts to ensure environmental sustainability, Biocon Foundation, with approvals from the Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority (KLCDA) and other government authorities, has brought back to life the dying 35-acre Hebbagodi Lake, leading to a significant improvement in the water quality and the return of flora and fauna.
For its revival, a natural and eco-friendly bioremediation process was implemented by the foundation, which involved dosing the lake with a blend of enzymes and microorganisms to rapidly digest organic pollutants. An in-house bioreactor was commissioned by Biocon Foundation to produce ~3,000 litres of bio-enzyme every day. Multiple energy efficient cascading aerators and submersible mixers were installed in the lake to enhance the level of dissolved oxygen in the water. Floating wetlands were also deployed for the continuous natural cleaning process.
The daily dosing of enzymes has helped improve the quality of the water with pH value maintained between 6.5 and 8.5. The Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels have improved from zero to 2.8 mg/L.

Revival of Kumudepalli Lake in Hosur by Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland took up the lake rejuvenation as part of its CSR project in December 2017. Within three months, the lake and its surrounding areas were transformed and will be an integral part of the local community and ecosystem. The vast expanse of 4.5 hectares of land area-water with a storage capacity of 60Lakh KL is now clean and self-sustaining. The lake stores water from the rains and PWD Irrigation Canal. It is used for irrigation and fishing. In this water-scarce area, the survival of this lake is essential for the local population.
With the objective of preserving the lake and surrounding areas from pollution and land encroachment, Ashok Leyland took up the challenge to make this area safe and beautiful for the Community. The lake will also serve as a reservoir for rainwater harvesting. Now, with requisite government permissions, the lake is free of weed and domestic waste. It has been de-silted and formation of the island is also complete. A cross-over bridge has been constructed and shore-side has been stone pitched. A new 400-metre pathway is now in place with three feet high steel fencing and physical barrier for the safety of school children using the lakeside pathway.