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Top CSR Projects in Jharkhand

Jharkhand, one of the newest states of India is known for its rich mineral resources like Uranium, Mica, Bauxite, Granite, Gold, Silver, etc. and for the large amount of indigenous population living there.
The state government expects that their CSR policy will create transparency and avoid duplication of efforts arising out of similar central and state-sponsored schemes thereby rationalizing the utilization of resources for positive impact. It will also help prioritize meaningful CSR projects to create a sustainable, long-term impact on communities and the environment.
The government of Jharkhand aims to maximize the potential of CSR investments to achieve the results that are best for the state. Its sound policy is set to attract CSR investments in the state. Here is a look into the top CSR projects in Jharkhand.

How much spent on CSR

As per data from National CSR portal, in the financial year 2020-21, the total CSR expenditure in Jharkhand has been Rs 208.34 crores.

Top 3 districts

The top 3 districts to get CSR benefits in Jharkhand are respectively East Singbhum (amount spent towards CSR 12.24 cr), Ranchi (11.64 cr) and Dhanbad (6.64 cr). West Singbhum, Godda, Seraikela Kharsawan, Dumka, Giridih, Khunti and Hazaribagh feature among the rest of the top 10 districts enjoying CSR benefits in the state.

Top 3 sectors

The top 3 sectors in which most of the CSR activities have been performed in the state are
>Health, Eradicating Hunger, Poverty And Malnutrition, Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation (CSR spent 123.33 cr)
>Education, Differently Abled, Livelihood (CSR spent 49.09 cr)
>Rural Development (CSR spent 21.3 cr)

Top 3 companies

The top three companies spending for CSR in Jharkhand in FY 2020-21 are respectively Central Coalfields Limited (56.6 cr), Tata Steel Limited (39.79 cr) and Eastern Coalfields Limited (11.56 cr).

Central Coalfields Limited

Formed on 1st November 1975, Central Coalfields Limited or CCL (formerly National Coal Development Corporation Ltd) was one of the initial five subsidiaries of Coal India Ltd. which was the first holding company for coal in the country. The company started its journey with 11 state collieries owned by the Railways having an annual production of 2.9 million tonnes of coal. As National Coal Development Corporation Ltd (set up in October, 1956), the company marked the beginning of nationalization of coal mines in India, a major event in the history of Indian coal industry (1969-74).
According to CCL’s Annual Report on their CSR activities for the financial year 2020-21, CCL, highest spender on CSR in Jharkhand has spent Rs 56.60 crores on various approved CSR activities. The annual theme for the FY 2020-21 was ‘Health and Nutrition’. Out of 56.60 cr, the expenditure on Health, Sanitation, Drinking Water and Nutrition sectors comes to Rs. 43.58 crores (76.99%).
In July this year, CCL has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with WAPCOS Limited, a public sector enterprise, for developing nine eco-parks in Bokaro, Chatra, and Hazaribag districts.
Elaborating some of CCL’s top projects in the state:
>‘CCL Ke Lal and CCL ke Laadli’ is a project under which more than 100 students have qualified for JEE Mains and JEE Advance since the first batch in 2012-14.
>Jharkhand State Sports Promotion Society or JSSPS-formed to run the Sports Academy with joint investment from CCL CSR and the government of Jharkhand has delivered a brilliant performance with its cadets having received 316 Gold, 198 Silver and 188 Bronze medals at different International, national and state level events till date.
>The company has signed a MoU with the District Administration of 6 districts connected with the command area for upgradation of 728 Anganwadi Centres into Model AWCs
>Keeping in mind their goal to improve sanitation, CCL has signed a MoU with SER & RITES for installation of pre-fabricated toilets at 200 railway stations in Jharkhand

Tata Steel Limited

Tata Steel is the 10th largest steel producer in the world. It is one of the world’s most geographically diversified steel producers. Together with its subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures, the Company’s operations are spread across five continents with an employee base of over 65,000.
Tata Steel is a socially conscious corporate citizen, which has spent Rs. 221.98 Crores towards its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in FY 2020-21 out of which 39.79 crores have been spent for Jharkhand.
Second highest spender towards CSR in the state of Jharkhand for FY 2020-21, Tata Steel focuses its CSR programs in the sectors of Animal Welfare, Art and Culture, Education, Healthcare, Environmental Sustainability, Livelihood Enhancement Projects and Socio-economic inequalities among others.
Talking about Jharkhand in their Annual CSR report, the company mentions, “Tata Steel serves communities particularly the most marginalised and voiceless sections across more than 4,500 villages in nine districts of Jharkhand and Odisha. In alignment with our core philosophy, we envision an enlightened, equitable society in which every individual realises his/her potential with dignity. This vision is enabled through the work Tata Steel’s Corporate Social Responsibility team does with tribal and excluded communities to co-create transformative, efficient, and lasting solutions to their development challenges.”
Here are some of Tata Steel’s top CSR projects in the state:
>Tata Steel’s Thought for Food initiative is aimed at providing hot and nutritious cooked meals and dry ration to the needy. The company says they have served 27.43 lakh meals across the state and distributed 48,000 ration and hygiene packets till date across the three districts of Kolhan division of Jharkhand
>The Digital Bridges and Digital Bridges 2.0 initiative aims to meet information gaps and create awareness among people. Through Digital Bridges, they have been able to reach out to a huge number of Sahiyyas and Anganwadi workers across Jharkhand, reaching out to people through MMUs or Mobile Medical Units, tele-consultations, on-site trainings and expected delivery date tracking. Through Digital Bridges 2.0, they have been able to reach out to a huge number of individuals from Gram Panchayats across Jharkhand through direct digital conversations and indirectly, with information and support
>Tata Steel’s Stronger Together initiative caters to disaster management especially during the Covid- 19 pandemic in coordination with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) or Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and district administration of East Singhbhum. Through this, they have been able to survey 10,562 returning workers across 11 blocks of East Singhbhum together with 9 partner organisations of District Response Coordination Group.
>Mother & Child Health Awareness Programme – Through this, they have reached mothers and children enabling reach of ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) system to their home. Also, Operation Sunshine, the digital intervention of project MANSI (Maternal And Newborn Survival Initiative) enabled tracking of high-risk cases.
>Tata Steel has also worked towards empowering tribal communities with voice and agency to lead their development agenda, residing in an ecosystem that recognises and appreciates tribal values and living. – Through Aatithya (Tribal Cuisine), residents of Jamshedpur enjoyed delicacies from home cooks belonging to 12 tribes across 10 states in collaboration with Indian Hotels Company Limited and delivery partner Zomato. – Rhythms of the Earth, the Samvaad Music Collective released the musical compositions Birsa Ker Raij curated in collaboration with eminent folk singer Padma Shri Mukund Nayak and Abua Disum Abua Raij marking the statehood day of Jharkhand
>A vibrant Jamshedpur – Kalinganagar corridor where local communities participate in and lead a significant enhancement in their social, natural and cultural capital. Under the Development Corridor project, Government PRI representatives, along with Tata Steel Foundation succeeded in organising its first-ever Digital Gram Sabha in four panchayats recording presence of 80+ people on digital medium and over 300 people in person.
>The company has also provided for primary healthcare, sustained availability of safe drinking water, enhancing household incomes through agriculture and associated activities, skill-based training for employment and entrepreneurship, enabling basic school education (till grade 10) for all as well as supporting education through scholarships to meritorious students, addressing urban child labour and re-introducing children to the educational mainstream, improving nutritional levels of families as well as that of children in public schools, sensitisation of society towards Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), nurturing sporting talent among the youth and engendering community self-reliance
>They have also provided for the maintenance and operation of Jamshedpur Zoo, Tribal Identity Signature Program, Horticulture Development, construction of mid-day meal kitchen for school children, initiatives for water conservation, and for vocational skills and special education.

Eastern Coalfields Limited

Eastern Coalfields Limited or ECL is a subsidiary of Coal India Limited. The coal producing government of India undertaking company is headquartered in Sanctoria of Pashchim Bardhaman District, West Bengal. Founded in 1975 after the nationalisation of coal mines, ECL operates coal mines in Jharkhand and West Bengal.
Since its inception, ECL has taken up various activities for the welfare of its workers as well as for the development of the communities living in the surrounding areas of its mines. They also look into the development of infrastructure, industrial structure, roads and railway sidings, residential buildings, water supply and other welfare activities.
Third highest spender towards CSR in Jharkhand, ECL has spent Rs 11.56 crores in the FY 2020-21 focusing mostly on Rural Development Projects in the state.
Here are some of ECL’s top CSR projects in the state:
>Decent Housing Program- Under their Decent Housing Program, ECL has worked for improving the living conditions of the residents of the colonies, thorough repairing and up-gradation of their quarters. During the year 2020-21, thorough repairing and upgradation of total 2575 residential quarters has been completed in different areas of ECL under this program. This also includes installing tiles in toilets, bathroom and kitchen, installing sink, marble slab and exhaust fan in kitchen, fixing mosquito net in doors and windows.
>ECL also gives special attention for the improvement of water supply for the occupants of their our residential houses as well as people of nearby communities
>They have also spent towards construction of roads for coal transportation, construction of primary schools, boundary walls, drains, shopping complex, football ground and environmental measures like providing infrastructure for rainwater harvesting.

Other companies spending money towards CSR in Jharkhand

Rungta Mines Limited, Google India Private Limited, Uranium Corporation of India Limited, Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Limited, GAIL (India) Limited and Dharampal Satyapal Limited feature among the rest of the top 10 companies spending towards CSR in Jharkhand.