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Top-6 Best iPhone Apps for Following Football

Want to know how to get all of the latest updates on everything football straight on your iOS device? Here we are to introduce the top 6 live score apps – a treasure for genuine football lovers. And if you like football highlights, we really recommend to watch them on Buaksib.
These apps include everything you could spend hours searching for on the web. Live statistics, match highlights, hottest news, scores and many more perks, which we’ll talk about next.
Even when you’re busy these apps will still provide you with the best experience of using them. You will be sent real time alerts on every new goal in a match that you don’t have time to watch. You can keep an eye on your favorite teams and their performance in a match even by just looking at your notifications.
A question whether you can pin live scores on an iPhone is one of the most popular questions among sports fans. While the iPhone itself does not have an option of pinning live scores on the main screen, there are some apps that can help you keep an eye on what’s going on in the world of sports.
1) LiveScore (iOS / Android) is one of the most popular apps for tracking live scores. It’s a topnotch app that has been leading on the market for more than 10 years and is still holding its positions. It allows you customize notifications and news that you’ll receive. “Favorites” feature allows you to track your most loved teams and players and have easier access to the latest updates on them.
2) TLS Soccer (iOS / Android) is one of the best apps for international professional football. If you want to keep up with results from all over the world in real time, this app is all you need. It’s an engaging and entertaining app with intuitive user interface. With TLS Soccer live stats of top quality will always be at hand. If you experience any issues with connectivity, install one of the VPNs to send traffic via different servers.
3) Bleacher Report (iOS / Android) is one of the few apps on the market with its average rate being 5 starts. Read stories, stream videos and get personalized news on your favorite teams from across the web. If you’re suddenly busy, while your favorite match is on air, you will receive the news on all the updates on matches you’d like to follow.
4) Stats Zone (iOS) is one of the most detailed football apps available. Even when you’re missing the match, you’re not missing its course. Receive alerts on goals, fouls, crosses, passes and take-ons from your new favorite app. You can watch the story of each match on your timeline – goals, missed penalties, substitutions, cards, all at a glance. By just tapping it, you can compare first half with second half and look at any specific match period you’re interested in. It is also available for Android devices but from 3rd party website so we hardly recommend to have an antivirus installed before downloading anything outside of Google Play eco-system
5) Goal Live Scores (iOS / Android) has a light interface and is also one of the most complete football apps on the market – why would it be on our list otherwise? It sends goal alerts, provides users with full match statistics, while also uploading the news from trust-worthy sources.