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Climate change conference TEDx Gateway Countdown 2021 scheduled for October 31, 2021

TEDxGateway, an independently organized TED event and the Government of Maharashtra have today announced TEDx Gateway Countdown 2021, a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis and turning ideas into action. Scheduled on 31st October 2021 from 4pm IST, this virtual event brings together an array of speakers encompassing climate crusaders clean energy experts, innovators, researchers& scientists, humanitarians, entrepreneurs, investors, artists among others to share their thought-provoking, inspiring, and evidence-based ideas.
In the run up to COP 26, the TEDx Gateway Countdown 2021 will play a major role in setting the discourse for India’s Climate Change story. This will be the largest ideation platform from the Global South. A global initiative by TED, TEDx Gateway Countdown aims to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions to half by 2030 in a race to a zero-carbon world – a world that is safer, cleaner and fairer for everyone.
The TEDx Gateway Countdown event in India is an extension of the global event bringing international speakers from across the world like Nobel Laureate Al Gore, UN’s High-Level Climate Action Champion Nigel Topping, Electrification advocate Monica Araya and Animal Scientist Ermias Kebreab among others.

5 tracks

The Countdown 2021 will bring to the fore five fundamental, interconnected tracks which form the blueprint for a cleaner future
1. Energy: How rapidly can we switch to 100% clean power?
2. Transport: How can we upgrade the way we move people and things?
3. Materials: How can we reimagine and re-make stuff?
4. Nature: How do we better protect and re-green the earth?
5. Food: How can we spark a worldwide shift towards heathier food system?
Shri Aaditya Thackeray, Minister of Tourism, Environment and Protocol, Government of Maharashtra will give a special address the TEDx Gateway Countdown 2021 and will talk about the Government’s efforts to strengthen conversations and actionable results on climate change in the state and blueprint drawn up to take this towards a cleaner future.
The Environment and Climate Change Department, Government of Maharashtra Steps has taken steps that offer significant impact and milestones. These big-ticket initiatives offer crucial steps towards improving the environment and reiterates the Government’s commitment towards climate change. Some of the measures initiated by the State Government towards environmental conservation and protection include – Majhi Vasundhara (My Earth), a holistic initiative to make citizen aware of the impacts of climate change and environmental issues; the Mumbai Climate Change action plan which includes initiatives like the Women for Climate, Cities for Forests Campaign and e-Bus Mission; and the Maharashtra EV 2021 policy
Commenting on TEDxGateway Countdown 2021, Yashraj Akashi, Senior Ambassador for the TEDx Program in India said, “Climate change is one of the greatest threats to mankind and it is our collective responsibility to protect and leave a safer, cleaner and greener planet for the generations to come. We are thrilled to have the support of the Government of Maharashtra for this special edition, which aims to build a better future and find solutions to the challenges of climate change. We invite every organization, company, city and nation and citizens unite with Countdown and take action on climate and play their part.”


– Shri AadityaUddhav Thackeray | Minister of Tourism, Environment and Protocol, Government of Maharashtra
– Dia Mirza, Actor and Climate Crusader
– Rajiv Kumar | Economist & Vice-Chairman, Niti Aayog
– Sumant Sinha | Founder, Chairman & CEO Renew Power
– Dr. Ido Sella | Co-Founder, Econcrete
– Dr. Parag Khanna | Global Strategist
– Satya Tripathi | Secretary-General, Global Alliance For A Sustainable Planet
– Shivkumar Suryanarayan | Researcher & Innovator
– Vidyut Mohan |Innovator
– Narayan Vasudevan | Indian Administrator
– Karen Scrivener | Material Chemist
– Sibarani Sofian |Urban Architect
– Manu Gupta | Disaster Management Expert
– Anshuman Bapna | Climate School Founder
– Jennifer Holmgren | Clean Energy Expert
– Stefano Funari | Upcycling Entrepreneur
– Isha Datar | Cellular Agriculture Expert
– R.A. Mashelkar | Scientist
– Shneel Malik | Bioarchitect

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