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अब इंदौर में सीएसआर से ग्राउंड वाटर होगा रिचार्ज

समूचे देश में चिलचिलाती गर्मी की शुरुआत हो चुकी है। इस भीषण गर्मी के बीच पानी की समस्या भी गंभीर होती जा रही है।...
Check dam in Palghar

Galaxy builds check dam for Palghar villagers

Villages of Kharonda in the district of Palghar, Maharashtra, receive surplus rainfall. However, it is water deficit for over 8-9 months of the year....
Women farmers of India

CSR: Harvesting Water For Saving Farmers’ Livelihoods

Climate change has caused a lot of draughts and unseasonal rainfalls in several parts of the country. Especially in the western state of Gujarat...

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