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Water project by Ambuja Cement Foundation

CSR: Water as an impact multiplier

Despite having access to reasonably extensive aquifers, the coastal regions of India face a risk of saline water intrusion, rendering their water unusable without...
Maniabandha weaver

Tata Trusts launch Incubation & Design Centre for handloom and craft development in Odisha

The Tata Trusts have launched an Incubation & Design Centre for handloom and craft development in Odisha. The Centre will serve as learning and...
Ratan Tata and AM Naik

CSR is fighting cancer in the country

Corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy are emerging as major supporters in the fight against cancer in India. Breast cancer Fujifilm India conducted a conference on...

Tata Football Academy and Tata Trusts collaborate with Spanish football club to develop Indian football

Tata Football Academy (TFA) and the Tata Trusts today announced their collaboration with La Liga giants, Atlético de Madrid (ATM), to enhance and strengthen...
Art therapy for prisoners

CSR: Prisoners Find Catharsis In Art

Punishment for its own sake is pointless, if it doesn’t transform the mindsets and attitudes of offenders. A prison can become a dangerous breeding...
Burzis Taraporewala, Senior Adviser, Tata Trusts; Sarv Saravanan, Senior VP & GM, Dell EMC Centre of Excellence and Anupriya Patel, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare

CSR: Tech solution for a nationwide healthcare program

Ashman Bharat’s NCD (Non-communicable Diseases) program is being deployed in 200 districts across India by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. At an...
nutrition revolution

CSR: Time Ripe For Nutrition Revolution

India has been able to fight protein hunger and calorie hunger but now there is a need to fight hidden hunger. India’s focus needs...
Parsi mother and child

Philanthropy Inherent In Parsis

As we celebrate Parsi New Year today, think about this. You cannot imagine modern India without the Parsis. The second president of the Indian...
Neel on Wheels

Books Portray Children With Disabilities In Their Stories

Hundreds of new titles are published each year for children in India, but only a handful of children's books feature a differently-abled character in...

‘New Opportunities’ Wait, As Tata Trusts Change Its Approach Towards Philanthropy

India Inc. continues its efforts to create a more suitable environment, legally and socially, for Corporate Social Responsibility practices. Not far behind is Tata...

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