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CSR News: Toilet Board Coalition to host Global Sanitation Economic Summit in India

On the occasion of World Toilet Day, Geneva-based Toilet Board Coalition (TBC) is hosting the Global Sanitation Economic Summit in Pune, India, from November...
SDG - Sanitary conditions in India

CSR: Status on Meeting the SDG Targets

While the countries of the world are progressing well at achieving the SDG targets, but the questions arise whether the efforts are enough after...
tech disruption comes to global sanitation

CSR: Tech disruption reinventing the toilet

To help save millions of people from early death and disease, forward-thinking companies could soon be turning a low-tech problem into the next tech-powered...
Toilets by We are Water foundation and Roca

We are Water foundation drives the swachhata mission across nation by constructing toilets

We Are Water foundation recently completed its ‘WASH’ project in 17 schools across Chennai, Vellore, Alwar, Rewari and Faridabad targeted at providing better sanitation...
Toilet college in india

CSR: India’s First Toilet College

RB (erstwhile Reckitt Benckiser), world’s leading consumer Health and Hygiene Company, in association with the World Toilet Organisation (Singapore) and Jagran Pehel, has laid...
Sanitation infrastructure india

Building Awareness And Infrastructure For Sanitation

Kota of Rajasthan is the 25th largest district in India. The district located at the banks of river Chambal, is yet to achieve the...
Sanitary Napkins for menstruation

Removing Stigma Around Menstruation

Talking about menstruation has always been a taboo in India. And menstrual hygiene has been almost non-existent in several parts of the country. Menstruation is...

Raddiconnect To Swachh Sustainable Solutions

“Raddiconnect. That’s what we are called”, said Rahul Nainani, the co-founder of Raddiconnect. “But the name does not justify our work considering what we...

Use Of Sanitary Pads Sparse Despite Govt Schemes: Studies

Despite a slew of government schemes aimed to promote menstrual hygiene among women and adolescent girls, use of sanitary napkins is still sparse in...

India Has Highest Number Of People Without Basic Sanitation: Report

About 56% of India’s population had no access to basic sanitation needs in 2015, according to a report by WaterAid. India, the world's second-largest country by population,...

‘Nirmal India’ Still Eludes Us

Complete failure in universal sanitation is becoming a health nightmare and leading to a substantially high health burden on the exchequer. Even after spending Rs 19,626 crore in the last decade on the Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC), a large population of India is still defecating out in open

How To Make Your Garbage Green In Two Easy Steps

WHEN we talk about our commitment to socially responsible world, here’s a product that surely cannot be ignored: a compact waste management instrument aptly named the ‘Smartbin’.

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