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pharma climate change

What is Big Pharma doing to tackle Climate Change?

Recognising that climate change is a global concern, big pharma is taking action at a global level. Pharmaceutical corporations are already working on initiatives...
Karan Bagaria - Kemwell

Karan Bagaria, MD, Kemwell talks CSR in Biopharma

Did you know there's a Tibetan Medicine Centre in Bengaluru city established by none other than the Dalai Lama himself? “My grandfather and father...
Pharma Companies CSR

Five Pharmaceutical Companies that take CSR Seriously

The world was hit with an unprecedented virus – the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus so potent that could initially appear similar to a common...

The Conflict Between Corporate Social Responsibility and IPR

In today’s world where sustainability and responsible business practice is no longer an option, a dilemma has emerged in the pharma sector regarding the...

Affordable Healthcare in India – No Longer A Dream

By Dr Bharat Champaneria, Kaka Ba Hospital, CSR initiative of Cadilla Pharmaceuticals. Ingestion of bulk drugs by the rising demands in the global pharmaceutical markets...
Pharma Companies

CSR: Ethical Dilemma of Pharma Companies

In today’s world, where CSR and corporate ethics is gaining a lot of importance, a company is expected to follow certain ethical standards in...

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