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Marine biologist Divya Karnad

Meet the first Indian woman to win prestigious Future for Nature award

Dr Divya Karnad, a marine biologist working on shark conservation, is the first Indian woman to win the prestigious Future for Nature award. An...
endangered marine life

CSR: Maharashtra Government’s Scheme to Protect Endangered Marine Life

The eco-system of our beloved planet consists of interdependent flora and fauna which constitute a complex web of life. This biodiversity is vital to...
Ghost gear

Government Of India To Invest In Cleaner Oceans

World Animal Protection welcomes the recent announcement by the Government of India to invest in upgrading the fishery and aquaculture infrastructure. Many people in India...

Living it Large & Green!

Hollywood Star Leonardo DiCaprio seems dedicated not only to belting out award winning performances on the big screen but is also actively committed to fighting for the preservation of Earth’s natural resources and biodviersity.

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