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CSR: Biodiversity and our Daily Bread

“Biodiversity” is a fairly recent word, used for the first time in a publication by entomologist Edward O. Wilson in 1986. It tends to...
food wastage

CSR: Hacks To Reduce Food Wastage

When it comes to food and drink, the best thing we can do, both environmentally and financially, is make the most of what we...

Akshaya Patra’s Campaign Observing the National Nutrition Month

Joining the country in observing the National Nutrition Month, The Akshaya Patra Foundation has started an Outreach Campaign on the critical cause of addressing...
Wasted food

Food Wastage In India

Food wastage is a global problem. According to Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) of the UN, approximately one third of the food produced for...

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Big data

CSR in the Era of Big Data

IoT in healthcare

IoT In Healthcare

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