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Biodiversity Hotspots in India - Western Ghats

International Day for Biological Diversity 2020 – Biodiversity Hotspots in India

Biodiversity is crucial to the existence of life in its current form on earth. However, with increasing human imposition and interference in earth’s reserves...
international day for biodiversity 2020

International Day for Biodiversity 2020 will be observed tomorrow

In 2000, the United Nations proclaimed 22nd May as the International Day for Biological Diversity to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. As...

Top 5 Ways Biodiversity Loss Affects Humans

Human-driven nature and biodiversity loss is threatening life on our planet. Biodiversity loss affects humans more severely than you could imagine. All species, including humans,...

CSR: Apple’s Commitment For Amazon Fires

A spike in intentionally set fires in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil has provoked an international response from government leaders due to the devastating...
Land sharing or Land Sparing - Biodiversity

CSR: Land Sharing Vs Land Sparing

As food production needs continue to increase, more land is converted to agriculture. This stresses ecosystems and limits land available for biodiversity preservation, so much...

The lesser child of CSR

Usually when conversations happen on CSR in India, it is often seen that the topics being discussed are community development, with programmes like education,...

CSR: Biodiversity and our Daily Bread

“Biodiversity” is a fairly recent word, used for the first time in a publication by entomologist Edward O. Wilson in 1986. It tends to...
World Sparrow Day

Sparrows Are Not So Common Anymore

Sparrows, known as the most common bird has been integral to everyone’s childhood memories. We have seen them around our houses, schools and playgrounds, chirping...

Living it Large & Green!

Hollywood Star Leonardo DiCaprio seems dedicated not only to belting out award winning performances on the big screen but is also actively committed to fighting for the preservation of Earth’s natural resources and biodviersity.

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