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Swades Foundation & Government of Maharashtra sign Letter of Intent towards 1000 Dream Villages

Swades Foundation signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with the Government of Maharashtra on January 26, 2019, to scale up operations for 1000 “Swades Dream Villages” in Raigad and other districts in Maharashtra, over the next 5 years.
Together, the Swades Foundation and the Government of Maharashtra will work towards the empowering rural communities at the village level with the unique holistic developmental model developed and tested by the Swades Foundation, which includes Health & Nutrition, Education, Water & Sanitation and a comprehensive Economic Development Programme.
Under the ‘Swades Dream Village’ – The Swades Vision for Rural Empowerment, the community will be empowered with the capability to transform their own lives. A ‘Swades Dream Village’ will be opened to the world using appropriate technologies and will be environmentally and socially conscious and driven towards equitable and sustainable growth. A unique programme for reverse migration of families from urban areas to their villages is also a part of the project.
Ronnie Screwvala, Founder, Swades Foundation, said, “The Swades Dream Village programme is our vision towards empowered rural communities. Our main aim is to create an ecosystem of 360-degree change across the lives of people, enabling our communities to be self-sufficient. We have been working closely with the Government of Maharashtra for the past 5 years and are grateful to them for extending their support. The association is testament to the belief and efforts of each of the 300 plus team of the Swades Foundation who work tirelessly towards its vision.”
Devendra Fadnavis, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra, said, “It always helps when such foundations collaborate with the Government to create a bigger impact. We welcome such participation and initiatives from other foundations and corporates towards uplifting the human development indicators.”