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Sustainability – Path From Waste To Alternate Energy

World Sustainability Day

“We would need 4.6 earths to survive if an average person continues to live the way they do right now. But we have only one earth,” said Stephen Szcus, a Canadian environmentalist, sustainability expert and the founder of Sustainable Joes – an organization that provides sustainable solutions for day to day lives.

The ecology of our planet is in major imbalance. This is due to so much of waste that is generated and left untreated in the environment. In order to create a circular ecology, it is essential to figure out sustainable solutions for disposal or re-usability of this waste.

Rays Enserv did exactly that. Rays Enserv is a waste to alternate energy startup company, committed for sustainable development as per UN Goals.

The company uses untreated non recycled plastic waste which mainly consists of Polyethylene and Polypropylene as their raw material. They dry this waste and give it Advanced Super-critical Thermal Treatment by controlling the pressure and temperature in a zero oxygen environment. And this is how they create a synthetic Sulfur free fuel which is equivalent to diesel.

For another project they use waste generated from the vegetable oil as their raw material.

“Even after using the waste to create feed stocks for animals, there is 5-6% of it which is left to do nothing but adulterate other products,” said Ashok Suyal, a co-founder at Rays Enserv.

They utilize this waste to convert it into a by-fuel which is also equivalent to diesel.

The fuels created by Rays Enserv are eco-friendly as they consist of very less amount of carbon. Thus, it helps to reduce the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

This self funded company has a commercial scale plant in Punjab. Their main market is the industries that use diesel as their primary fuel currently.

The company has also recently associated with the Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradoon to establish a mechanism for fuel testing, while advancing the R&D technology.

With rapid increase in the rate of energy consumption, we never know, in a few years of time we might need more than 4.6 earths to survive. But with startups like Rays Enserv, we can hope that we might be able to survive with just the one.

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