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Sterlite Copper Announces Welfare Schemes for Thoothukudi


Reaffirming its commitment to the people of Thoothukudi, Sterlite Copper, has announced 100 crore investment on social infrastructure plans for the city. The organisation aims to transform Thoothukudi into a Clean and Green city by planting 1 million trees. It also intends to provide Quality Education through a Smart School, a World Class Hospital, Desalination Plant and Youth Development Schemes. These projects were identified through an analysis of requests from the community and are meant to give the people access to quality education, healthcare, clean drinking water and employment skills.

“Thoothukudi has always been a role model for the country right from the British era. Our Green initiative along with others developments will further establish its pedigree in the country,” said Mr. P Ramnath, CEO of Sterlite Copper. “We have been a part of Thoothukudi for over two decades and are sincerely invested here for the welfare and development of people and region. In these evolving times, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to the people through the launch of these huge investment projects for their welfare.”

Sterlite Copper’s employees have been reaching out to all sections of society during the past 6 months. The company has received a significant number of requests and suggestions for a variety of assistance and support. During the past few weeks, through a program named ‘Ungaludan Naan – Ungalukkaga Sterlite’ organized on the behest of villagers, over 1500 families from around the plant interacted with the CEO, expressing their support to reopen the smelter and shared their needs for the region.

These projects will be solely for the benefit and development of the region. The projects will be developed in a manner that will enable the people of Thoothukudi gain access to government-approved quality education and world-class healthcare care at affordable costs. As part of the initiative to turn Thoothukudi into unique green heaven in the country, Sterlite Copper will embark on an aggressive drive to plant and maintain over 1 million native trees and build parks in and around the city. Sterlite has also started Youth Development Programs for the young of Thoothukudi to impart skill training enabling them to be employment ready.