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Star Health extends cover for child cancer survivors, proposes cover for siblings

Chennai, Tamil Nadu: Star Health and Allied Insurance, in association with St Judes, today marked the completion of one year of providing cover to children who were diagnosed and treated for cancer, under the St. Judes programme called St. Judes for Life. Through this programme, the insurer aims to add an additional 500 children this year. Star Health also announced that it will soon be offering insurance to the siblings of children who survived cancer. The new policy which is being designed, would provide health and accident cover to these children.
The unique initiative, initially founded in Memory of Mrs Rani Vicaji was launched a year ago i.e. 4th November 2021, and covered 326 children from St. Judes across India. The scheme included 270 children under Health coverand all 326 children under Accident cover. Star Health will continue to remain committed to the policies that were issued last year to over 300 Judians (children of the childcare centre who survived cancer).
The initiative is an important milestone by Star Health and focuses on a much-overlooked gap in health insurance coverage.The Rotary Club of Madras Temple City, was instrumental in facilitating this association and continues to work for the welfare of the children at St. Judes.
“Today, marks one whole year of our association with St. Judes, who are doing a wonderful job providing a positive and nurturing environment for children who are being treated for cancer. This insurance cover has provided these well deserving children a health cover, enabling easier access to a normal life. We are extending our association this year by providing support to not just cancer-warriors but also their siblings so that parents and children can focus on their future. We are happy to be able to cover this often overlooked segment of society. ” said Dr S. Prakash, MD, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd.
St. Judes for Life ensures that the children who have won the battle against cancer – referred to as Judians – can fulfil their potential by offering them continued support. Providing them with health insurance and accident cover is one such vital step in that direction.
“At St Judes, we aim to ensure that timely and appropriate assistance is available to all our alumni – proudly known as Judians – to empower them to complete their education, maintain good health, and lead successful lives. Providing them with health insurance and accident cover is a much-needed vital step in that direction. The paediatric cancer survivors are young and have a long life ahead of them. The health coverage enables them with a sense of security to lead a fulfilling life and work towards their goals and aspirations without any fear. We take great pride and happiness on a successful one year of the program,” said Anil Nair, CEO, St. Judes.
Commenting on the initiative, Dr. Rekha Shetty, Charter President of Rotary Club of Madras Temple City said, “It is a privilege to be associated with St. Judes in Chennai and Vellore from day one. The insurance for children surviving cancer is unique and special even on a global level. The Rotary Club of Madras Temple City is proud to have facilitated this with Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd., through its Chairman& CEO Mr. V. Jagannathanand its Managing Director, Dr. S Prakash.”


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