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Skill Development – A Path to Future

Skill Development for snoozing security guards

Skill development is the need of the hour for every individual. With Artificial intelligence taking over lot of human jobs, it is important for everyone to stay updated. Of course AI will generate many more jobs, but there would be a different skill set required to be able to do them.

India is a developing country where AI has started making its appearance significantly. There are several types of jobs that do not exist in western countries already, which exist in India currently. However, it is just a matter of time before they cease to exist.

Security guards at residential apartments in India tend to have a lot of free time with them. All they actually do is coordinate with parking the cars, sometimes wash them for some extra pocket money or sit and laze around. They end up catching bad habits such as gambling or smoking or sometimes even sleeping during working hours to kill their boredom.

Personal drivers to executives, who drop their employers to office and wait around for them to go for a meeting or sometimes even wait all day at one place itself, also have a lot of time in hand. The time they wait for is a complete waste of productivity and they too like the security guards end up with some bad habits or with boredom.

In countries like USA, Canada or several European countries, there are no security guards for residential complexes. The main door of the building is always locked. It can be opened with either a special key or the buzzer code. Only the inhabitants of the building have access to these and no outsider can enter the building unless the residents let them in. The system is so tight that there is no necessity of a security guard.

Several automobile brands have started coming up with cars that have a feature of full automation. The executive can just sit and relax while the car will drive itself to the destination marked on the GPS, thus eliminating the need of a driver.

These automations have started coming to India. It will be a while before they take over completely, but it is better to prepare for the future now, when we have the time. Skill development is the key for these drivers and security guards, in order to be able to have jobs even 10 years from now.

Everyone in this era owns a smart phone. So why don’t we train these drivers and security guards to utilize them to upgrade their skill set? Let us be responsible employers today and encourage our employees to learn from the technology to learn the technology. It is only when every individual starts considering their responsibility to upgrade themselves and the people around them, will we be able to upgrade our country to a super power.

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