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CSR: Ensuring Road Safety Through Street Art

road safety through street art
Every year, pothole-related deaths make it to the headlines especially during the monsoon season, causing inconvenience but also taking lives. Media reports state potholes took a deadly toll in 2017, claiming almost 10 lives daily with annual fatalities in the country adding up to 3,597 — this figure is 50% more than what was recorded in 2016.
Broken footpaths, dislocated kerb stones, missing signages, affecting traffic movements and potholes have become some of the grave issues in our day to day life. Road accidents and potholes are avoidable tragedies. Too often, children don’t spot the pothole till it is too late.
A quirky campaign is combining street art with basic safety rights to bring the attention of government authorities concerned to the issue of potholes. SEEDS (Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society) organized a ‘Painting the potholes’ campaign at secondary school, Khichripur Village, East Delhi as a part of the Honeywell Safe Schools Program. It aims to creatively make them visible, helping avoid mishaps and safeguard children. Working around the school neighbourhood, a rainbow crossing was also painted at a major traffic junction. In this vicinity in East Delhi, the majority of children walk to school. As the Honeywell Safe Schools baseline study showed, road safety is a major concern for parents. Lack of road discipline coupled with the issue of potholes is aggravating the risk of mishaps in the city.
“Painting the potholes is a unique idea to bring attention to the cause,” said Anuradha Madan, Principal, Govt. Co-ed Secondary School, Khichripur Village, East Delhi. “Bright colours will not only help attract attention to save lives, but attention to help resolve these issues. When it comes to road safety, children have an important role to play in the conversation,” said Shalini Sunny, School Coordinator, Honeywell Safe Schools.




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